Vi Personal Trainer: Never Run Alone Again!

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Vi Personal Trainer Earbuds Have Artificial Intelligence And Act As Your Workout Buddy.

Vi Personal Trainer is one of the most inventive devices to hit the fitness wearable market in the last few years. It is the most personal, personal trainer that “lives” in bio-sensing earphones. The future is truly here.

Before I enlighten you more about this new product, let’s take a short trip down the memory lane of fitness trackers.

The first training gadgets were called pedometers and counted steps. They were often simple and small devices you could have in your pocket. Then the more advanced activity tracker bands came along and could do much more like monitor distance, sleep, calories burned and motivate you to move more.

Now, almost all fitness trackers have built-in heart rate monitors or can be paired up with chest straps. Things do go forward!

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These days it seems like the new craze is that the fitness gadgets should act more like personal trainers. Not that they haven’t done that before in one way or another, but now they talk and give you audio feedback when you workout. I have previously written about the Moov Now who has this function.

But now it’s time to present to you the awesome Vi, from LifeBEAM.

Communicative Biosensing Earphones – No Way!

It is designed to make workouts more inspiring, fun and effective. You can think of it like a friend that is dedicated to your fitness and helps you attain the most difficult fitness goals. All you have to do is power these headphones on and she comes to life.

Unlike any other trainer, Vi tracks your daily activities, understands your workout routines and coaches you to achieve real, tangible results. It can help you meet your grueling weight goals, improve your running, cycling and training, and evolves over time to help you with your future fitness goals.

All this and you can enjoy your favorite music or talk on the phone without having to press a button. This is the ultimate hands-free AI personal trainer that will give you real-time insights on your body and workout regime.

The product’s impressive design and stunning performance were the reason behind the company successfully raising more than $1.6 million in just 48 days on Kickstarter. The goal was to develop the First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer. That’s an impressive goal, but it seems nothing is impossible nowadays. I’m not sure whether it is written the ‘Vi’, the ‘Vi,’ or the ‘Vi.’. I think I will stick to just Vi.

The Vi AI earbuds look quite cool.

The Vi AI earbuds look quite cool.

Elegant sound and ergonomic design

Vi Personal Trainer’s bio-sensing headphones are powered by Harman/Kardon audio and they produce crisp, clear and deep sounds for one of the best listening experience. It truly feels like you are listening to some expensive professional-level headphones.

The design team went for the best audio system to ensure Vi’s voice and immersive sound reach breathtaking performance levels. Vi uses aerospace-grade biosensors to get more precise measurements than almost all the wearables available in the market. The ergonomic design lets the bio-sensing headphones monitor the user’s heart rate, elevation, time, cadence, speed, and location with ease.

This is how it looks.

This is how it looks.

A warm human voice

Vi has a wonderful, calm human voice that talks to you while you work out. The warm tone of her voice will make you forget that she is an AI and you will soon start thinking about her as your personal fitness coach. She speaks beautifully and actively responds to each and every command while inspiring you to finish your predetermined goals.

She has all the answers to questions related to your training sessions and heart rate and even motivates you to reach the finish line with words such as, “You got this. Just 10 more feet!”. Vi Personal Trainer is designed to assist you with all types of running exercises and chores.

Whether you are practicing for your first ever marathon or are striving hard to shave a couple seconds off your record time, Vi will adapt itself to your fitness regime and personalize each workout session for your benefit.

Vi is like Siri for workouts

The elegant voice, stunning design and the comfortable fit offered by this unique personal trainer are so brilliant that you will forget you are wearing it from time to time. From when you wake up in the morning to the time you sleep at night, you will enjoy the wonderful-sounding music, easily answer your phone calls with a voice command and the all-day activity tracking feature will let you know exactly how much calories you burned in your day. You can also answer your phone calls by simply placing the earbuds in your ear. The all-day battery life ensures you can listen to your favorite music all day long and the clarity and tone from Harman/Kardon

You can also answer your phone calls by simply placing the earbuds in your ear. The all-day battery life ensures you can listen to your favorite music all day long and the clarity and tone from Harman/Kardon is matched by none other.

Extremely comfortable design and fit will have you forget you are wearing the device half the time. It gives you so much more than the fitness wearables and headphone available in the market today. Vi is like the perfect imaginary friend you never had.

Vi is like the perfect imaginary friend you never had.

Exercising with an imaginary friend, perhaps.

Exercising with an imaginary friend, perhaps.

Training benefits with Vi

Vi coaches you through all your runs, understands your physiology, checks in with you between training sessions, adjusts your workouts based on the weather, tracks indoor runs and adapts real-time training based on all these factors. The resulting workout plan will help you burn fat more effectively, improve your running technique and help you have more fun during your workouts.

Vi Personal Trainer is also well versed with managing exhaustion and preventing injuries, and will not shy away from stopping you when she thinks you have had enough for a day. It also monitors your heart rate to ensure it stays in the ideal heart rate zone.

How the Vi Personal Trainer works

The inputs and sensors on this stunning wearable allow it to track your daily activities and read your physiology better than any other fitness wearable.

The powerful AI brain engine analyzes all the data she collects and adapts it to your fitness regime for maximum results. Then she translates these insights into sound and voice user experience.

Mobile App

Mobile App

She also texts you from time to time to keep you on track. The Vi Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS platforms and provides you with progress feedback on the screen. You can use this app to customize your training plans, review progress and also customize your Vi.

The device is designed to fit everybody and comes with a set of in-ear fins that stabilize the earbuds and helps them stay in place, even during demanding training sessions.


Built to last for years

The gadget is already loaded with hardware capabilities that will support years of software upgrades so the users can reap the full benefits of the technology in the future.

The touch-aware earbuds respond to every little touch or movement, while the sweat-proof and rugged exterior ensure the device lasts for a long time. The magnetic tips along with the flexible yet flawless design ensure these headphones never go out of style.

Pros and Cons

What we like and what we don’t like with this gadget:

 Pros +  Cons –
  • Unique design with bio-sensing earphones
  • AI with a warm, human voice
  • Highly accurate heart-rate tracking
  • Excellent Harman/Kardon Sound
  • Built to last
  • Top-of-the-line design & quality
  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Designed to fit everybody
  • Pricier than other fitness wearables
  • Coaching is limited to running and cycling
  • Does not sync with 3rd party health apps
  • Not the most complete fitness coach
  • Needs expanded exercise-tracking

The final verdict

To sum it up, Vi Personal Trainer is one of the most innovative personal trainer to hit the market in recent times. The AI human voice living inside these bio-sensing headphones is one of the best conversational voice assistant and is super easy to talk to. If the future software updates bring in a wide variety of exercise-tracking and enhanced workout regimes, it has the potential to be the best AI personal trainer.

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Product video

Official product video from LifeBEAM:

Where can I buy this product?

Check out the manufacturer LifeBEAMs own website for this project, GetVi.

Also, check the price on Amazon together with user reviews and more information.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and share this article if you love this product as much as I do. 🙂


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