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Awesome Indigogo project that will improve sleep! It is called the AYO: Light-Based Personal Energy System.

There is no denying the impact of scientific and technological advancements on the quality of human life. Many would agree that turning on the kitchen tap to get water is far easier than having to use pulleys, lifting belts, and measurable upper body strength just to draw water from a well. Intercontinental travel used to require spending weeks, even months at sea but these days, commercial jets transverse time zones in mere hours.

The Internet allows us to communicate with the world at the push of a button. There are tons of smart devices and gadgets that can accomplish a lot more than big, clunky gizmos of yesteryears ever could.

While these advances in science and technology have generally improved the standard of living, they haven’t been completely without cost. Stress levels have risen considerably with people having to work difficult schedules on an almost daily basis. Sleep disorders are fast becoming a health problem for many people, not just in the adult population but also in younger children. Frequent air travelers complain of jet lag and people of working age generally feel drowsy during the day when they should be up and alert.

Human beings have a natural, biological system that can over time become disrupted by alarm clocks, air travels, busy schedules, smartphones, and almost every other aspect of the 21st-century life. When this happens, things like the circadian rhythm, biological alarm clocks and the rest begin to go out to sync. The result is drowsiness, fatigue, and sleep disorders. It would be counterproductive to try to go back to less developed eras and as such, recent concerted efforts have been made to develop smart gadgets that can help people become more in sync with their biological systems.

It is in keeping with this drive that the good folks at Novalogy LTD have come up with the AYO Light therapy glasses.

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How the light therapy glasses look when worn.

How the light therapy glasses look when worn.

Product Description

The futuristic AYO: Light-Based Personal Energy System is a 5-star eyewear device that significantly improves the alertness, energy levels, and overall wellbeing of users. Known as the AYO Light therapy glasses or quite simply as AYO, it combines cutting-edge technology with a great understanding of the basic recovery needs of the human body to deliver improved daytime energy levels and quality nighttime rest.

All of this is achieved by means of carefully selected and expertly crafted components as well as the creative use of light therapy to stimulate the revitalization of the human body.

The design of the Ayo Glasses features the use of durable, long-lasting materials, with a sense of style and elegance. The design is unique, sleek, and futuristic, like something straight out of a science-fiction movie. AYO isn’t just only about class and style, as it loaded with features and functionalities based on thorough researches in Chronobiology. The slim build of the product means that wearing it is easy and comfortable. It is also lightweight, portable, and comes in a sturdy case that allows users to carry the device around without fear of breaking it. The color schemes used for the glasses also add a certain aesthetic and modern look of the AYO Glasses, making it a classy fashion item as well.

Reddot award winner in 2018.

Reddot award winner in 2018.


Main Features

  • Blue Light Technology – AYO uses top-of-the-line Blue Light technology to mimic the effect of sun rays on the retina of human eyes. When sunlight enters the eyes, the ganglion cells in the retina become triggered, sending signals to the brain that cause a lot of things to happen, relating to sleeping and waking up. The AYO Blue Light is capable of syncing with your biological clock to deliver what the user’s body needs at that time, be it sleep, revitalization, or a relief from jetlag.A lot of Chronobiology research has been implemented in the AYO Glasses, for example, it can send signals to the brain that will suppress the release of the sleep hormone; melatonin. By so doing, the user is made energized and alert, ready for the day’s activities.
  • Light Sensors – This product has a sensor for ambient light. This is to ensure the right levels of light intensity during use. There are a number of lighting levels on this device, with an approximate light irradiance of 300μW/cm2 and an approximate light frequency of 457nm. The AYO blue light is also free of Infrared and Ultraviolet rays which makes it clinically safe for use. Another useful safety feature is the low glare quality of the light.
  • Connectivity – The connectivity of the AYO Glasses is powered by Bluetooth technology which provides easy paring with a smartphone.
  • Design – The design of the AYO is based on a keen attention to not just only functionality, style, and elegance, but also convenience and comfort. The product features a changeable nosepiece so users do not have to worry about having to use an eyewear that causes great discomfort to the bridge of the nose. This also means that it can be adjusted to fit over regular glasses which are especially useful for those who use medicated reading glasses. The material of construction is of premium quality and made to be both lightweight and portable.
  • Battery – It comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. The battery is highly energy efficient and as such, users can be assured of being able to use the AYO for a considerable length of time without having to worry about recharging it. In terms of battery charging infrastructure, there is a Micro USB port for easy charging of the device.
  • AYO App – There is a companion smartphone app for the AYO glasses. It has all the settings required to customize the functioning of the glasses. With the app, users can select special modes like sleep, boost energy, or even jet lag. Users can also activate the Track usage function for their AYO glasses. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Carry and storage Case – The product comes with a carry case made of sturdy materials which offer protection for the device. What’s more, it has charging capabilities as well.
    Stored in carrying case.

    Stored in carrying case.


Features of the smart glasses compared to similar products.

Features of the smart glasses compared to similar products.

How do you start up and how does it work?

  1. Profile Creation – Download the AYO app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store depending on your smartphone. Create a profile on the app, pair your glasses with the phone, and you are ready for the next step.
  1. Set Preferences – Take a few minutes to select your preferences based on lifestyle, travel, sleeping habits etc. This will allow for the algorithms on the app to carry out a robust analysis in order to provide the best solutions for the user. Based on the critical points analysis of the user’s preference settings, the app will develop the optimal sleep/wake timetable as well as activity levels for the user.
  1. Select Program – Depending on the specific needs of the user, a selection of the appropriate program is made. There are numerous program modes on the app that control what the glasses will do. These modes include sleep, jet lag, energy boost etc.
  1. Wear AYO – Wear the AYO glasses and let it work its magic. Using the glasses for as little as 2o minutes every day is sufficient to cause lasting improvement in sleep hygiene, energy levels, and daytime alertness, just to mention a few.

What is AYO video

Here is a video that explains more:

Where to buy these light therapy glasses?

If you want to purchase or check the price of this cool sleeping gadget, check out Amazon and their own homepage goAYO.

Click the button to check recently updated price, user reviews and additional info.

More info & Questions

Your comments and questions are welcome in the commenting section below. Interested in knowing what other people say? Here are some examples of what other Amazon buyers have to say about this activity tracker:

“Fantastic kids fitness band .” by Laura L

“Best looking and highest tech/most ingenious light therapy glasses I’ve seen yet.” by Kimberly E.

“It is amazing how this device improves the re-alignment of the circadian cycles..” by Esposito Mario

Indiegogo project

AYO Light therapy glasses is the product of three years of exhaustive research and collaboration between some of the top minds in their respective field. Collectively, they had the goal to revolutionize the sleep/waking up process as well as the air travel recovery therapy with jet lag being a huge problem for may frequent air travelers. Together they have combined their expertise in engineering, design, fitness, and Chronobiology just to name a few in order to create the AYO prototype. Throughout the design and implementation process, they’ve had commendations from notable figures in Air Travel, Hospitality, Sports, Business, and Government. The crowdfunding for the project is being hosted on Indiegogo and the retail price is around $299.

What do you think about this product, or have you tried it yourselves? Please write a comment below. 🙂

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