24 Really Cool Tennis Gadgets!

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The Ultimate List of Cool Tennis Gadgets, Aids, and Gifts that will make you (or your friends) a better player!

ARTICLE UPDATED SEPTEMBER: Big update of the popular “10 Really Cool Tennis Gadgets 2018!” post with more new cool tennis gadgets and aids. I have also removed a few outdated products no more on the market. Enjoy.

If you are a tennis player, you have probably noticed the increasing amount of gadgets related to your sport. From advanced sensors that monitor how you play and let you debrief your techniques to small smiley face thingies, you attach to the strings to reduce vibration.

At the moment, rain and soon winter prevents me from playing outdoors, but playing tennis indoors is always possible. There’s no problem with that, but in a few months spring is yet here again and the outdoor season can begin. What about boosting your tennis training right now with a piece of high-tech tennis gadget and be ready to show off very soon? I have collected a list of 24 cool tennis gadgets, trainers, sensors, aids, and equipment that will help you practice and become an even better tennis player.

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If you’re looking for popular tennis gifts for yourself or others, this list will give you some great ideas. It’s not always easy to find unique tennis gifts or cool accessories, and even on Amazon, they can be a bit tricky to find. I have created this list, the ultimate and comprehensive tennis gift guide, for your convenience – both cheap and expensive stuff.

Where to learn tennis with online help

I also urge you to get a copy of the Tennis ebook Win Tennis Matches – Strategy And Mental Guides. It gives you insight on strategy and mental toughness that will help you win every match. I can also recommend the video course by Feel Tennis for tennis players. You will learn advanced tennis technique development for all levels of players.

So here we go – the must-have tennis gadgets and accessories for 2019. Click the product picture to get straight to detailed information about the different products.

1. Zepp 2 Swing & Match Analyzer

Zepp 2 Swing & Match Analyzer

Zepp 2 Swing & Match Analyzer

The new Zepp 2 Swing Analyzer is the second and updated version of this very popular tennis sensor. Improve your swings and track your performance in real-time with this smart gadget.

The advanced motion sensor attached inside a mount at the end of the racket can measure swing, power, stroke type, ball speed, ball spin, sweet spot, court time and more instantly. It fits any tennis racket and can capture over 1000 data points per second. The data is sent to a smartphone or tablet in real-time and is the perfect tool for advanced tennis players or coaches that want to improve their play.

A cool feature is the 3D view of swings which let you analyze in-depth how to improve and where you do it right. With the app, you can track your progress over time and keep a diary of your improving skills.

I wrote about the first Zepp Swing Analyzer a few years ago.

Check the updated price, user reviews and more info on Zepp 2 by clicking the picture on the right.

2. Bionic Gloves for Tennis

Bionic Gloves for Tennis

Bionic Gloves for Tennis

This product can perhaps not count as a gadget, but it is a brilliant tennis glove designed by hand specialists at Bionic. The Bionic Glove is supposed to give you more support, control, and grip when you become sweaty during play. They are especially handy in cold tennis halls during wintertime.

Several pads inside the glove even out the pressure when you hold the racket. If you want to avoid blisters and burns these gloves promise to handle that as well.

Check the price and different sizes for men and women on Amazon. Click the picture for a direct shortcut.

3. Ball Coach Pocket Radar

Ball Coach Pocket Radar

Ball Coach Pocket Radar

Measuring the speed of the ball is an encouraging method for tracking hitting power. This Pocket Radar gadget make professional and amateur players aware of their technique and if it’s optimal for hitting the ball. From there the player can adjust and further improve their skills.

The radar can track ball speeds between 40 and 209 km/h, which should be plenty enough.

This awesome training tool can be handheld or placed on a tripod for more comfort.

The Pocket Radar works with other kinds of ball sports as well as baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, and cricket. Actually, everything that moves faster than 40 km/h can be speed checked with this device.

The product has a top score among Amazon.com users and can be bought for a few hundred dollars. Click the picture to check the recent price.

4. TopspinPro



TopspinPro is a very interesting tennis training aid that lets you practice your topspin. It is ideal for beginners, intermediate players and recreational players of all ages. If you are a tennis coach this setup will teach your students to hit consistent topspins in no time. It is adjustable in height, so it can even be used by 5-year-olds and upwards.

Using it for a couple of minutes each day, indoor or outdoors, your muscle memory will start to remember the technique and your topspin will get better fast. The screen reflects the perfect racket-angle and you will feel how professional players do it.

This is a popular gadget used in more than 80 countries around the world. Read more about the product by clicking on the picture.



5. Tennis Ball Dryer and Drink Cooler

Tennis Ball Dryer and Drink Cooler

Tennis Ball Dryer and Drink Cooler

A wet tennis ball will lose its performance and bounce ability. So it’s a good idea to keep them dry. In the unfortunate case that your tennis balls have been soaked after playing in the rain, it’s great to have one of these gadgets. Some will also call it the ultimate tennis gift for players who have it all and it’s awarded best tennis gadget of the year.

Four wet balls fit inside at one time and a three-layer drying system will squeeze the water out in a matter of hours. It’s cheaper than buying new balls all the time.

The accessory itself is great for carrying balls around and while you play you can cool your drink bottle inside it instead. The blue carrying strap can be used as a convenient measuring tool for net height.

The price isn’t bad either. Get the latest price info here.

6. Hit Zone JR Tennis Air Tee

Hit Zone JR Tennis Air Tee

Hit Zone JR Tennis Air Tee

This is a great tennis training tool for kids and beginners! This device allows the tennis ball to float in the air in front of the player and is especially good for footwork and shot training. A couple of foam training tennis balls suited for the Hit Zone follow in the package since ordinary balls just don’t work that well all the time.

This gadget will allow players to train all year round indoors and you don’t really need a tennis hall to utilize it.

Kids with interest in tennis will love the Hit Zone. The purchase includes a dozen balls.

7. PIQ Robot Wrist-worn Tennis Swing Analyzer

PIQ Robot Wristworn Tennis Swing Analyzer

PIQ Robot Wrist-worn Tennis Swing Analyzer

PIQ Robot is an awesome tracking gadget that measures the swing type, topspin, style, serve speed, and spin.

The powerful nano-computer can analyze impressive 195,000 data points per minute in real-time. You wear it on your wrist just like any other wrist-worn activity trackers. 

Important data is shown on the LED screen on the device surface so you don’t need to check the smartphone. Battery life is 8 hours, it is IP67 waterproof, and weight 9.8 g.

Read more on PIQ Sports Intelligence and find the price and more user reviews by clicking the image.

It is, in fact, the multisport sensor and can be used for golf, tennis, skiing, boxing, and kiteboarding as well. You might need to buy some extra accessories for each sport.

8. Lobster Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine

Ok, I admit that this is an expensive gadget. And it’s not as tiny as gadgets used to be. But how cool is it to have your own portable tennis ball machine that spits out balls in random directions and speed like in a real match? It’s the perfect training tool!

The manufacturer Lobster Sports sure have some superb products, for instance, the Lobster Sports Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine, which is one of six awesome machines. Read more about the Elite Ball Machines on the manufactures website and buy on Amazon (shortcut link above).

It’s capable of throwing out 150 balls every 2-12 seconds which can make even the most trained coach tired. The machine has rechargeable batteries which last for around 8 hours.

If you have too much money to spare, just won the lottery, or perhaps own a tennis court, I would definitely recommend the Lobster Sports Elite Tennis Ball Machine.

Here is an official product video of Elite Grand Four:

9. String Thing Tennis String Straightener

String Thing Tennis String Straightener

String Thing Tennis String Straightener

And now to something completely different and in a totally different price range than the one above …

After some time you will probably need to straighten out the strings on your tennis racket. Correctly straightened strings give you more spin and better play. With this small String Thing gadget you fix this in no time and it’s so fast you can do it in between games.

Amazon sells the String Thing accessory for a few dollars. This is a neat little gift for tennis players of all ages.

10. Adidas miCoach Speed Cell

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell

The miCoach Speed Cell from the well-known company Adidas is a small sensor you clip to your laces or place in your miCoach compatible shoe. Tennis shoes have to be fitted for this purpose, but the lace clip works on everything.

The gadget tracks your rallies, speed in all directions and distance. After the tennis match, you synchronize it to the miCoach MultiSport App and view your results.

A fun thing is that you can download the Adidas miCoach Tennis app for iPhone and iPad which is a video game that pairs up with the Speed Cell. It takes your improvements in the real world and transfers it to the avatar in the game.

The price tag on the Adidas miCoach Speed Cell is available on Amazon. Keep in mind that you can use it for football and running too!

11. ServeMaster Training Tool

ServeMaster Training Tool

ServeMaster Training Tool

The 3-ball ServeMaster is a serve and swing trainer for adults and larger kids of all levels of training. It feels like a proper racket when swung.

Players will feel the correct weight and drag of the weighted end and will, therefore, practice a better professional whip-likee feel to the serve. It gives the user an experience of a real flat, slick, kick and topspin serve.

It also comes in versions with one and two balls, used for training younger kids and youths.

The tool is easy to carry around and should always accompany you when you are training. Use it on the beach, backyard or in the garage. Check out the price and more benefits by mouse click the image.

12. HEAD Tennis Sensor

HEAD Tennis Sensor

HEAD Tennis Sensor

The HEAD Tennis Sensor is a performance tracking tool that helps you with improving your tennis game. It is waterproof and contains the latest Bluetooth technology. It is also powered by Zepp, which has its own tennis sensor, but this version has the same weight and design as a racket head cap.

That makes it the only sensor solution if you want your racket to feel the same as usual without adding weight. The price is almost like the Zepp 2 Swing Analyzer in place 1.

13. ScoreBand PRO – Tour Edition

ScoreBand PRO - Tour Edition

ScoreBand PRO – Tour Edition

The ScoreBand PRO wristband the perfect solution for keeping track of the scores during a match. It has 5 modes and is perfect for tennis, but can also be used for golf, as a timer, and stopwatch. The new design is strong and durable, and it can handle a rainy day with ease since it is 3 ATM waterproof.

Stats are shown on the backlit display and the quick-touch scoring buttons on the face of the watch enable scorekeeping without disruption to the play rhythm.

You get it in black and white and in two sizes.

14. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

If you are looking for a way to measure the speed of the tennis ball, the Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is a good choice. Knowing the speed of the ball can help you learn how to approve. The device is easy to use – just point-and-shoot at the target. It has a range that is more than enough for tennis courts and an accuracy of +/- 1 MPH (1.6 km/h).

It has a large and clear LCD display that shows the fastest speed once the trigger is released. It tracks a ball from up to 90 feet or a moving vehicle from as far as 1,500 feet (if you need to do that).

It can, of course, be used for baseball, softball, and other ball sports too.

15. In/Out Portable Line Call device

In/Out Portable Line Call device

In/Out Portable Line Call device

The In/Out tennis aid is a smart device that will tell you whether your serve and shots is in or out, hence the name, plus much more. It gives you accurate feedback of ball speed and shots and provides real-time line calls with red and green lights and sound-beeps. To get started, the device is placed on the end of the net a calibrated in a matter of seconds. It finds the lines of the court and uses advanced pixel algorithms to conclude if the ball is in or out. Quite amazing.

It has 2 hours of battery and HD video and stats can be downloaded to your smartphone or viewed on the onscreen display. It basically does a lot of the same as tennis sensors, but with the additional line call feature that will make discussions dead before they even start.

It acts just like a personal tennis referee – line calls and stats for everyone! Check their homepage and follow them on Twitter.

16. QLIPP Tennis Sensor Enhanced

Qlipp Tennis Sensor Enhanced

QLIPP Tennis Sensor Enhanced

QLIPP is a sensor that fits all tennis rackets. It senses spin, stroke and has sweet spot detection of every shot. It is designed to improve your game with advanced analytics.

It is attached to the strings of the racket, and some people report that it causes more vibration, nor reducing them. The Enhanced version has improvements like robustness, it comes with a rubberized cover and with an L shaped cable so you don’t have to remove it from the racket for charging.

Do you think it is worth a try? Comment below.

17. Head Tour Team 9R Supercombi Tennis Bag

Head Tour Team 9R Supercombi Tennis Bag

Head Tour Team 9R Supercombi Tennis Bag

All serious players that travel a lot need a practical tennis bag to carry the gear.

The Head Tour Team 9R Supercombi bag has room for 9 rackets and can be carried as a shoulder bag and a backpack. 

There is an inside mesh pocket as well as one outside pocket. The dimensions for this bag are 31 x 14 x 13 inches. Comes in different colors.

Maybe room for 9 rackets are far too much for you? Check out more bags from Head on Amazon by clicking the picture.

18. Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack

Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack

Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack

For casual female tennis players that need a way to carry your racket and stuff to and from the court, the backpack from Ame & Lulu is a good choice. It fits two rackets without covers and offers a lot of other storage like side pockets, interior zip pocket, and interior slip pockets.

It comes in two striped colors, blue and white and red and white in dimension 12.5 x 5.5 x 17 inches.

19. Winning Ugly – Lessons from a Master Book

Winning Ugly - Lessons from a Master Book

Winning Ugly – Lessons from a Master Booka Master

Learning from the masters and picking up useful tips and advice is crucial if you want to win. Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis – Lessons from a Master is good reading, even if it was written a while ago. Buy it as an ebook (Kindle), paperback or on MP3 CD.

It is written with clarity and wit by Brad Gilbert and Steve Jamison and has become the bible of tennis instruction books for countless players worldwide.

Also a great gift idea to give alongside something else.

20. Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

The Gexco tennis ball saver keeps 3 balls fresh and bouncing just like new.

The two-piece pressurized container is a fairly cheap way of protecting your important gear and has the size of a water bottle. It keeps the air from entering the storage space and damage the balls.

It is a popular Amazon Choice product with top user reviews. Remember, it can only be used for maintaining good balls, not for rejuvenation of dead ones. Don’t use the canister they came in for storage.

21. Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball

Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball

Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball

Good tennis balls are essential for fun play. It is also a good gift idea for tennis players. They are cheap and durable. Popular brands like Wilson and Penn are two good choices. 

My recommendation is the allrounder, Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball. They are USTA and ITF Approved, works on all court surfaces for training and competition.

Remember to pick up the ball dryer from number 5 or 20 in this list to keep them in mint conditions so they last longer.

22. Rebound Ball Trainer

Rebound Ball Trainer

Rebound Ball Trainer

There are many versions of rebound ball trainers, but the TRNsports Trainer equipment is a number 1 seller in e-stores and very popular. It is used for solo practice and often used by kids. You hit the ball that is attached to a piece of string, and it comes right back to you.

In this particular kit, you get five elastic replacement strings included.

It is a perfect gift for your friends, family or kids who love playing tennis.

23. Racquet Weight Tennis Training Aid

Racquet Weight Tennis Training Aid

Racquet Weight Tennis Training Aid

There are many ways to train your muscles and muscle memory. There are also many products out there. Here is a suggestion called Racquet Weight. It does not damage the racquet or strings when mounted.

Why use other weight training for this sport when you can use the gear you already have a train exactly the muscles you need?

This aid provided resistance to all types of strokes and let you develop strength and racket speed.

24. Fangcan Silicone Vibration Dampeners

Fangcan Silicone Vibration Dampeners

Fangcan Silicone Vibration Dampeners

Last but not least, as always in my gift suggestion lists, a cheap tennis gift which is nice to have for all tennis and squash players. These are small vibration dampeners that you attach to the strings on the racket. You’ll only need one at a time. They come in many different colors and shapes and you get 6 of them for a few dollars.

Check out all the different types here. Amazon has several other types of these as well.

I hope you found some cool gadget advice here and please share and comment on the page if you found it useful. What is your new must-have tennis accessory? More tennis gadgets here and here.

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