WearSens Smart Necklace Watch What YOU Eat

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Eating habits revealed

Eating habits revealed (Photo: Pixabay)

Log food with a WearSens necklace.

Soon you can’t hide your food eating habits anymore. A new device will alert you through your smartphone when it thinks you eat too much. For people struggling with overeating and obesity maybe this product proofs itself useful.

This gadget is developed by engineers and scientists at UCLA, the University of California in Los Angeles and is currently under development and testing. They wanted to make a device that tracks food just as activity trackers monitor movements and pedometers count steps. It doesn’t look very comfortable to wear, but this smart necklace monitors how much you eat and what kind of food you put in your body. It also keeps track of your calorie intake by understating the food types.

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Supposedly the technology works very well after several people have worn it. It successfully distinguished between food with different consistency and drinks with different temperatures. I still can’t stop wondering if you don’t get a choking feeling with this tight around your neck. Hopefully, it will not have features that give the wearer electric shock or tighten its grip when the calories intake is going through the roof.

The WearSens Smart Necklace

The WearSens Smart Necklace

How WearSens works

I’m not a scientist, so I don’t really understand how it works, but different food types reveal itself through different vibration patterns going through your throat. A piezoelectric sensor picks up these vibrations and sends the information to your smartphone or tablet for interpretation. The sensor can also give you feedback on how fast you are eating. Other uses suggest it can be used on patients and elderly for tracking if they take their pills or not.

I don’t really see a future where everyone walk around with these bands, but for some, I guess it can give a quick reminder to slow down or drop that last doughnut. It’s not on the marked yet, but it would definitely be interesting to test one out in the future even if I’m still worried about how it feels around the neck when worn…

Further comments are welcomed below. I would like to hear what YOU think about this product. 🙂


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