How A Waist Trainer Can Help You Lose Weight

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Lose Weight in Ways You Haven’t thought of before with a Waist Trainer.

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 1 out of every 3 adults are considered obese in the United States. Being obese carries with it a wide range of health effects. Along with big concerns like Type 2 Diabetes heart attacks, and strokes, there are also smaller concerns like an increased chance of falling, lower life satisfaction, and general mobility issues. It is no wonder when confronted with so many adverse health effects that people are looking into ways to lose weight.

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A few times a year, new techniques and ‘wonder’ diets will come around and proclaim that they have found the solution to losing weight. Representing a new take on the same problem, they will claim that they have found a bullet proof solution. The truth is that many of these ‘miracle’ cures are nothing close to a miracle. In fact, many end up not providing much benefit, causing people to give up and stop trying.

One of the popular techniques this year is using a waist trainer corset to lose weight.

What is a waist trainer and does it really work? Below we go into detail about everything you need to know regarding how a waist trainer can help you lose weight.

Let’s begin!

What Is A Waist Trainer?


Waist Trainer

Consider a waist trimmer kind of 21st century corset. In many ways, it works similarly to a corset. It constricts the waist creating a smaller profile. Unlike the corsets of the past few centuries, these waist trainers are typically made from stretchy neoprene.

Instead of having a tight, painful binding that makes breathing a challenge and creates a sudden and dramatic change, waist trainers sit more comfortably on your body and provide a noticeable reduction and shaping with minimal pain.

Have Waist Trainers Been Around For Long?

Waist trainers have been around for decades. Initially, they were seen as a way to help hide unwanted stomach fat and produce more of an hourglass look in women. They have also been used to assist those who have experience back and spine trauma, as they can aid the back muscles in keeping the shoulders, arms, neck, and head properly aligned.

Only recently have people started thinking about waist trainers as a way to lose weight.


Will A Waist Trainer Help Me Lose Weight?

A waist trimmer can help you directly and indirectly. Directly, it works in the moment to provide the look you want. However, there is no direct benefit to wearing a waist trainer for weight loss. No part of corseting or using a waist trainer will magically shed the pound.

However, there are a number of indirect ways that a waist trainer will help you lose weight. What do we mean?

Below we get into several different indirect ways that waist trainers help with weight loss.

Waist Trainers & Indirect Weight Loss

1. Reduces Hunger Pains

Do you feel hungry? Take a corset and tighten it around your waist. There is a good chance you will feel less hungry or not at all hungry. A waist trainer works in a similar manner.

By squeezing your stomach in, it can reduce the intensity of hunger when you are hungry. The squeezing sensation will also lead you to stop eating sooner. Beware that things like nausea can result from doing this.

In addition, understand that you will have to keep wearing the waist trainer whenever you eat to keep this benefit working for you.

2. Controls The Food You Select And Portion

The tightening of your waist may change what you decide to eat as well as how much you will eat. Both of these things will directly affect your weight. As we said above, a waist trimmer will squeeze your insides together and reduce hunger pains. It will also lead to you feeling full faster.

Planning for smaller meals, you can get a similar result to a larger meal without the waist trainer on. You will need to make sure the waist trainer is tight against your body. There are some foods that work well when wearing a waist trainer and some that will work poorly.

For example, heavy meals rich in protein will fill you up quicker and leave you feeling light-headed and possibly uncomfortable with the waist trainer on. Foods with high water content like grapes or other fruit will be easier to eat and will provide you with more water which is always a bonus.

3. A Look At Your Future Self

When it comes to weight loss, motivation can be incredibly hard to come by. Every single thing that will stop you from losing weight provides positive short-term benefits. For example, eating tasty food, sleeping instead of exercising, and skipping training to relax are all things that will leave you happy in the short-term and no closer to losing the weight in the long-term.

A waist trimmer helps you to regain much-needed motivation by showing you what you can look like after you lose the weight. Worn as you shed the pounds, you will feel it becoming increasingly loose as you hit your target weight. Eventually, you can stop wearing it entirely or even get a smaller waist trainer for an even better look.


Where Does That Leave Us?

Waist trainers are easy enough to find and are available both online and in many big box stores. Typically, you will want to get a waist trainer with the target waist size in mind. So, a waist trainer in size 24 is made for a 28 each waist that will be 24 inches with it on. There are many different styles available depending on what you like.

While waist trainers provide no direct benefits to weight loss, they do provide 3 incredibly indirect benefits that can help you lose the weight once and for all.

If you are interested in shedding the weight and want to use every tool at your disposal to make it possible, then consider getting a waist trainer. Having been used successfully by millions of Americans, the waist trainer turns into one of those rare yearly fads that actually has long-term value as you approach your goals.

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