3 Top Health and Fitness Apple Watch Accessories

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Neat Apple Watch Accessories.

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Gone are the days when you had to visit a clinic for a regular check-up.

Today’s mobile devices and wearables are able to provide users with the basic information about their health, from their blood pressure to information regarding their stress levels. IDC forecasted a strong demand for fitness wearables until 2019, where 126.1 million units will be sold in four years from 45.7 million units in 2015.

But, having a wearable device is not enough – it must come with sturdy and reliable accessories to ensure it’s safe from wear and tear and extreme conditions.

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Here is New Fitness Gadgets’ list of the top health and fitness accessories for your wearable, particularly your Apple Watch:

1. PanzerGlass Screen Protector

Similar to your mobile device, your fitness watch requires screen protection. Although it boasts a “tampered- and scratch-free” display, nothing is unbreakable when faced with a concrete floor.

Thankfully, PanzerGlass announced that they have expanded their product list with a screen protector for Apple Watch. The glass screen cover comes with contoured edges to fit the display of the watch, making it look seamless.

The company is now working on providing more glass protectors for other smart watches like Sony and Samsung.

The official Apple Watch screen cover is still not available on the market. Get updates and pre-order details at the PanzerGlass’ official website.

2. Auria: Universal Smartphone Armband

Most of the fitness accessories still require a connection to their trusty smartphone. Even the Apple Watch has to be connected to an iPhone to run most of the health apps and record data in real-time.

But, having a smartphone in your pocket can be very annoying, especially when you’re jogging. Good thing there’s Auria smartphone armband that keeps your handset out of your pocket but still connected to you.

Even large smartphones fit this waterproof casing. Premium phablets like the iPhone 6s Plus have a 5.5-inch screen, too large to even be considered by many fitness active users.

But, O2 said it remains to be a great rugged smartphone as it comes with a sturdy aluminum finish and iOS 9 with the upgraded Health features. With your smartphone with you, tracking your health can be more accurate than ever before.


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3. Fabric Bracelet

Do you find the leather or rubber material itchy or annoying when you begin to sweat? If so, then you’ll find the Fabric Bracelet by Philo a great alternative to your band.

It is made of nylon cord woven together into a shape and safely secured with a metal clasp that connects with your smart watch. The band is available in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm, with a wide variety of colors including camouflage. The Fabric Bracelet is highly influenced by Italian fashion and it cost around 50 euros when it goes on sale.

Investing in a wearable or fitness band isn’t cheap, especially if that wearable is an Apple Watch. Thus, we have to find a way to keep it safe from scratches and unfortunate cracks, while keeping its aesthetic coolness intact.


Stay updates via our page for more wearable accessory news. We hope this post helped you find the perfect accessory for your wearable and gave you an idea of what kind of Apple Watch accessories there are out there. If you’ve found another cool item to include in this list, leave us a comment below.

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