Top 5 Gadgets Every Student Needs

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Gadgets for Students

It’s a new school year and just like with New Year’s resolutions, many decisions have been made. Being a student is never easy, and if you want to accomplish all promises you gave yourself, then you will need help. This help can come in the form of some gadgets that will make your life easier.

Read on and find out five gadgets that every student should own. If you have any comments, questions or a suggestion for other cool gadgets for students, write it below in the comment section.

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1. Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

Did you ever want to make your notes digital without wasting hours in front of your computer or laptop typing everything into MS Word? Of course, you did. With this gadget, you can do that.

This is just an upgrade of the classic Moleskine notebook. It’s very easy to use it; you just take notes with pen and paper (like you always do during the classes), and you can easily translate them into digital form with the Evernote app.

To translate your notes into a digital form, you have to use Evernote app’s camera to take a photo of the notes you’ve written. Once the photo is taken, it will be stored in the app’s storage. Moreover, the app offers various features you can use to organize your notes including searchable “smart stickers” designed for simple tagging. Also, you can even share your notes with your classmates or access your notes from any device you prefer.


2. OtterBox, Resurgence phone, charging case

Student life is hectic.

You rush from one class to another, research for various assignments, apply for internships, organize or participate in study groups and let’s face it; you need your phone for all aspects of your life. However, constant use affects your phone’s battery, and before you’re on your way home, you notice you have less than 5% of your battery.

To make sure your phone is fully juiced up so you can organize your life and classes; you need this convenient gadget – OtterBox Resurgence phone case. This cool gadget extends phone’s battery life twice over. Also, it automatically stops charging to conserve power.

This is one of the most popular latest wearable gadgets as it is with you all the time, lets you email your classmates and perform many other tasks without having to worry about the battery.


3. Hoody with Earphones

Most students, and probably even you, listen to music when they’re on the way from home to school. This often calls for the most annoying and yet one of the most frequent problems we encounter – tangled earphones. Rusty came up with the unique solution; it is hoody with earphones that double as the elastic strings of the hood.

The hoody belongs to the group of the most practical latest wearable gadgets, and it’s safe to say you hit the jackpot: comfortable and stylish hoody along with earphones. So how do you listen to music with this gadget? It’s simple, you just have to connect your device into one of the side pockets, and that’s it. Plus, the side pocket is an excellent place to keep your device while listening to music. The best is yet to come, this practical hoody/gadget is machine-washable i.e. waterproof.

It is important to mention that Rusty clothing line offers men’s and women’s hoodies at various prices.

Top 5 Gadgets Every Student Needs

Hoody with Earphones


4. Charging Backpack

If you’re one of the students who carry a lot of stuff all day, then you will benefit from this great gadget. This charging backpack comes with three USB ports and six separate storage areas. You can charge your phone, tablet, and an even a laptop that comes handy when you’re in the library researching for the school assignment or attending classes but forgot to charge your devices the night before. Your backpack may be heavy, but organizing and accessibility due to juiced up batteries have never been easier.

Charging Backpack

Charging Backpack

5. Kindle Voyage

And if you prefer not to wear heavy backpack all day long you can access all school books you need digitally with Kindle Voyage. Also, you can even save money and decide to rent school textbooks instead of purchasing them. Moreover, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can benefit from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, select any book you’d like and borrow it free of charge.

Another handy thing about this gadget is a nightlight function. If you’re in a dorm room or, simply, have a roommate regardless where you are you won’t disturb their sleep keeping the lights on when you read.


The great thing about gadgets is their ability to ease highly stressful student life. Gadgets from this article help you focus on the important things – studying and exams while making it easy for you to organize all aspects of your studies.

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