Speedo Shine is a New Fitness Tracker for Swimming

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Wear your Fitness Tracker for Swimming in Style.

It does not seem long ago I wrote about the waterproof and stylish fitness tracker Shine from Misfit, but time flies. With its sturdy design and aluminum finish, it has become many people’s favorite gadget for tracking activity.

The round tracker device could be inserted into a wristband, a necklace or in a magnetic clip with a big variety of places you could place it on your body.

Now it’s time to take it to the pool again, and this time with some great upgrades for swimmers. According to Misfit, they have made the world’s first activity swim and sleep tracker.

Misfit says: Speedo Shine is the world’s first activity, swim and sleep tracker.

Misfit has collaborated with the swim gear manufacturer Speedo to make a better fitness tracker for swimming. They have called it the Speedo Shine. The development of trackers for swimmers has in general been more challenging and down-prioritised simply because the marked seems to like gadgets for running better.

But that’s about to change.

Let’s take a look at what this fitness gadget can do and what are the differences between the Misfit Shine and the Speedo Shine.

Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Looking back at the original Misfit Shine

The original Misfit Shine was an activity and sleep tracker made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum and was launched in December 2013. Back then the design itself, and that they could fit a 3-axis accelerometer sensor inside such a small disc, was quite impressive.

It could track calories, sleeping, your steps and distance when you went for a run or walk, as well as a variety of sports like cycling and swimming.

The 12 small LED lights on the front gave you an indicator of time as well as feedback on other data. On the back, there was a small display as well but apart from that there it was deepened of being synced to a smartphone or table to view detailed data. The prices have dropped quite significantly since then, maybe because there were new products on the horizon.

The major pros for this activity tracker were the elegant design and that the CR2032 watch battery could last for up to 6 months before it had to be replaced.

In the box came the Shine, Sports Band, Action Clip, Clasp, Manual and a tool for battery replacement.

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But now there is a new gadget in town:

The new Speedo Shine with its brand new features

The new Speedo Shine is still an ordinary activity tracker with all the same monitoring as the original mentioned above. It looks exactly the same, apart from the color, and is made of the same materials. It comes in a new colour called Pure, which are clear anodized aluminum.

The sports bands you use for wearing it on your wrist are either black or white. It is still waterproof down to 50 meters.

The firmware on the other hand, has undergone a major upgrade on the inside that makes it a perfect fitness tracker for swimming. These upgrades include the possibility to count the number of laps, lengths and total distance during your swimming exercise with high accuracy.

Speedo Shine in Pure color

Speedo Shine in Pure color

This is exclusive to the Shine swimmers edition.

To start the swim program, first sync the device to your smartphone, then select Swimming from the Activity menu to make the unit ready. In the water, tap the device three times to activate lap counting. Triple tap again when you are finished and sync to see the results.

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It has undergone a major upgrade on the inside with the possibility to count the number of laps, lengths and total distance during your swimming exercise with high accuracy.

It cannot identify and count stroke types thou, which you find in other expensive fitness sport watches like the Garmin Forerunner 920XT. Then again it’s not fair to compare a fitness tracker like the Shine to an expensive sports watch.

At the moment, it is a bit more expensive than the original Shine, and only available through Misfit Store.

Misfit App upgrade

The Misfit App that is necessary for communication between the device and your smart device with Bluetooth 4.1 has an upgraded Swimming activity setting. The app keeps track of all the general statistics like lap counts, steps, calories, sleeping and distance and provides you with detailed info screens of your movement.

There’s also a possibility to log food and take pictures of what you eat in a Photo Journal.

The app is free and can be downloaded from both Google Play and App Store.

Misfit Speedo Shine App

Misfit Speedo Shine App

Reach your Swimming Goals

An activity tracker has proven, at least for me, to be a great tool as a personal trainer which motivates me to move that extra bit I need to get in better shape. In the pool, it is equally important to have an accurate tool that keeps track of exercises and lengths to see improvement.

With a fitness tracker for swimming, you are in full control.


The Speedo Shine is a superb waterproof activity tracker for swimming in the pool. If you can’t afford, or if you don’t feel you need, one of those more expensive trackers, this one is a perfect choice. It also looks stylish and can be worn in every other occasion as well.

Don’t forget that this is not only a fitness tracker for swimming but also an activity tracker for monitoring everyday movements, including sleep, around the clock.

If you are in doubt check out my review of Fitbit Charge HR and the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch too which are also suitable gadgets for swimming.

Do you want music under water? With a FINIS Neptune V2 MP3 Player and your training will become more fun.

Pros and Cons

 Pros +  Cons –
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent build quality
  • LED light and clock function is really cool
  • Waterproof (50 meters)
  • Great for swimmers
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Long battery life
  • No charging of batteries
  • No big display
  • No heart rate monitor
  • Difficult to see LED lights in bright sunshine

What’s In The Box?

  • Speedo Shine device
  • 2 Wristbands (Black and White)
  • Magnetic Clip
  • Quick Start Manual
  • CR2032 watch battery
  • Battery removal tool
  • Action clip

More Info or Questions

Do you have any questions or comments on my Speedo Shine review, do not hesitate to leave a comment below! Take care.

Technical Specifications

Here are the most important, technical details:

General Design:
Type Wristband, necklace or clip
Weight 9.4 g
Dimension 27.5 x 3.3 x 27.5 mm (WxDxH)
Size One size
Materials Anodized aircraft grade aluminium
Interaction Button
Interface 12 LED lights and a small LCD display
Battery Type CR2032coin cells
Battery Life 6 months
Charge Time -
Colors 'Pure' (clear anodized aluminum). Sports bands are black or white
Water-Resistant Yes
Water-Proof (depth) WR50 (50 m)
Sensor 3 axis accelerometer
It Tracks:
Steps Taken Yes
Flight of Stairs -
Distance Yes
Activity time Yes
Calories Burned Yes
Sleep Duration and Quality Yes
Heart Rate -
Pulse Oximeter -
Swim Laps Yes
Stroke Recognittion -
24/7 (All day) Yes
Other features:
Inactivity/Idle Alert -
Time Yes
Silent Vibration Alarm -
Auto Goals -
Smart notification -
Music Control -
Wirelss or USB Wireless
Device Compatibility Windows, Android and iOS
Sync Method Bluetooth 4.1
Mobile App Misfit App
Maintenace & FAQ:
Manufacturer Misfit
Manual Link



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