Trackers for Your Feet

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When you think of a fitness tracker, the image that comes to your mind is that of something you wear on your wrist. After all, that is how most of the trackers work at the moment. However, unless you are talking about dedicated pro or medical level devices, plain fitness trackers will eventually fade away, giving way to trackers that are mixed in everyday use and work in the background, for example a watch or a shirt. Technology works best when it gets out of the way, and that is the future of fitness trackers.

There are some players who have seen this future and are already working on it. Some of these players are making wearables for your feet, so that they can track your movement more accurately, and in some cases more than just tracking. Here are some of those smart devices – the trackers for your feet.

Sensoria Socks

Sensoria smart Socks

Sensoria smart Socks

Sensoria Socks is arguably the frontrunner in the “Trackers for your feet” segment. These socks are infused with proprietary textile sensors and come along with lightweight anklets (which fit onto magnetic points on socks). These socks do not just tell you how far or how fast you have run, but also tell you how well you have run, by giving you statistics on how you placed your feet while running.





Digitsole can not only measure the number of steps you have taken and the distance you have traveled but can also be heated to keep your feet warm in those cold days. You can set the preferred temperature from your smartphone and the in-built thermostat will ensure that it adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Any addition to these features, Digitsole also does its basic function of ensuring that your feet stay comfortable.

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Runscribe is aiming for serious runners who want to ensure that they run well. It attaches to the back of your running shoe and measures how much and how well you have run, by capturing 13 kinematic metrics and providing 3D insights. All this data can prove to be overwhelming for regular people, which is why Runscribe is better suited for professionals, such as athletes, trainers and coaches.

GPS SmartSole

GPS Smart Sole

GPS Smart Sole

In addition to these trackers, some people are also working on more serious stuff – helping people with serious illnesses – like the GPS SmartSole. The makers want to help the patients of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism and other such diseases, by allowing their carers to track their location. It slides into shoes like a regular insole, and can be monitored using the smartphone app or online portal. Carers can also use geo-fencing to ensure that they are notified as soon as their patients approach or leave the designated area.

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