How You Can Exercise At Home With A Minimum Of Equipment

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Best Exercise Equipment for Home

Having your own equipment at home can be a huge step toward a solid fitness venture. It might be cool to have all the fancy equipment available in gyms. But then, not everyone has this option.

First, the equipment can cost a fortune. Second, you would need plenty of space for it. But then, you know how important exercise is. If your time is also limited, it looks like a dead end.


There is specific equipment that allows a wide diversity of exercises without spending too much time. So, what are the tools worth having at home?

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Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat with Instructions

Exercise Mat with Instructions

Working in an office? Spending half a day on your butt? Prolonged sitting is a serious challenge for the modern individual, whether you work or you spend too much time in front of the TV. How about standing up and moving a little then? Most people have no clue what to do, so they try the classic squats and some simple fitness moves.

An exercise mat is even better. Many modern models come with specific instructions and exercises regarding the most popular exercises. They are printed on the mat or in a small manual.

Exercise Band

The exercise band is inexpensive, portable, lightweight and extremely diversified. If you think about all the exercises you can do with it, you will be amazed. Just perform a brief search over the Internet to convince yourself. You can work on pretty much any muscular group. The wood chop is one of the most common exercises out there, especially since it does not require too much time or other sophisticated equipment.

Moreover, it works on several groups of muscles, which is even better.

Core Training Wheel

Core Training Wheel

Core Training Wheel

Interested in losing that unaesthetic fat around your belly? A core training wheel might be the answer to your issues. Forget about those bulky crunch machines that you see on TV shopping sessions.

Many of them are worthless.

On the other hand, the training wheel can take you one step further. The core is the element responsible for your balance. Another good news is that they work on any type of ground, but they also come in more sizes.


Punching Bag

When you think about punching bags, you inevitably imagine those hanging weights. You do not have to drill a hole in the ceiling and install a hanger, though. Instead, you can find freestanding punching bags that will last for years. They are portable and do not occupy too much space. Fill your bag with water and enjoy your time. Let the anger out and relax your body. Once you are done, let the water out and roll the unit into a storage closet.

Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable dumbbells come in some kits that look like briefcases. They come with several weights and a few bars. Choose the optimal weight yourself. You can store them under the bed when done. Forget about those large pieces of equipment in gyms. Instead, opt for a home-based kit with a few basic weights.

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