Gyro-Fit Portable Workout System!

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A new Small and Portable Exercise Gadget.

Many people are unable to keep up with even the most basic exercise and fitness regimens. This is mostly due to the bust nature of their schedules. Most cannot afford to take precious minutes or even hours off their daily routine to dedicate to keeping fit and working out.

The demands of the modern day life can be somewhat demanding. As a result, people find that they cannot commit to a regular fitness and exercise schedule.

Busy schedules notwithstanding, it is important to engage in regular fitness workout sessions and exercise routines. They play an important role in maintaining the health and well-being of an individual. Even with a healthy diet, the absence of fitness and exercise programs in the life of any individual can have a detrimental effect. To adequately ensure optimum health and vitality, attention must be paid to all areas that affect the well-being of an individual and that is where being able to regularly engage in physical exercise is of paramount importance.

The workout gadget you soon will learn more about - read on! :)

The workout gadget you soon will learn more about – read on! 🙂

Knowing how important physical activities are, and the apparent lack of time to dedicate to regular workout sessions for many people, having a portable exercise device seems like a handy accessory to have. These devices eliminate the need for time slots specially dedicated to fitness and exercise routines.

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Please share your own experiences with getting time for workouts in a busy daily schedule in the comment section below. How would you like to use a training gadget like this?

Now, let’s continue.

Product Description

Gyro Fit is the revolutionary portable exercise system that combines 4 different exercise routines into 2 handheld devices and a companion app. Together, the system enhances cardiovascular activities.

Gyro Fit devices are designed to be portable, giving users the ability to perform cardio-based fitness routines on the go without having to take time off their schedules. The two handheld devices are shaped like microphones making them easy to grip. It also features a smart user interface that allows you to modify the device based on your height and weight. This means that you can customize the device based on your body size.

The Gyro Fit gadget comes in four distinct colors; black, silver, gold, and pink. They are designed to not only be functional but to also add a bit of style to any user’s outdoor outfit ensemble.

The pink version of the Gyro-Fit.

The pink version of the Gyro-Fit.

The exercise rope is adjustable and can accommodate just about any body size. The device comes with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity. There is also an app which works on both Android and iOS platforms. It also features a unique display that helps you keep track of your fitness activities. The Gyro Fit devices are also optimized for “Smart Training” which means that apart from monitoring your training, there are also tons of information and statistics to help you improve your performance.

Gyro-Fit Main Features

  • Fitness device. The main Gyro Fit fitness device looks like the handle of a Jedi’s Lightsaber (from Star Wars). For those not familiar with Star Wars, it also looks a lot like a mini dumbbell or a microphone. One of the ends is weighted to allow for cardiovascular training activities. These devices come in pairs.
  • Jump rope. There is a 110-inch jump rope that can be attached to the device or used separately. The rope is made of a sturdy plastic material and when attached to the device can be retracted to the perfect height for a user. By setting your height, the rope-length can be adjusted to enable you to perform exercises easily. You can jump withouth the rope as well in beginner mode.
  • Companion app. The Gyro Fit companion app is an Android and iOS compatible app that allows you to monitor your exercise and fitness routine. It is optimized for “Smart Training” with useful features like workout timer and calorie loss checker. It also measures and records distance for those who prefer to run, jog, or hike.
  • Battery and Connectivity. It comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can last up to 36 hours when fully charged. It takes no more than 3 hours to completely charge the battery. The device is Bluetooth 4.1 compatible.
  • Design and Dimensions. It features a beautiful edge display panel that is easy to read. It measures 1.3 x 7.4 x 1.3 inches and weighs 400g.


How Gyr0-Fit Works

The Gyro Fit exercise system is essentially made up of three components; device, rope and companion app. The Gyro Fit system delivers 4 cardiovascular enhancing exercise routines which can be carried out anywhere. So whether you are at home, in the office or going on your morning run, this handy device makes it easy to incorporate cardiovascular exercises into your daily routine.

Four main areas of use.

Four main areas of use.

The device comes in a pair of two dumbbell-shaped devices, one for each hand. The 4 exercises that can be performed with the Gyro Fit devices are as follows:

  1. Jump Rope:

Jump rope is a powerful cardio boosting workout that also builds bone strength, agility, and balance. It can be performed both indoors and outdoors which makes it convenient for almost every daily schedule. The Gyro Fit device has a retractable rope that can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. In order to maximize the cardio boosting benefit of this workout, it is important to make sure the rope is set to the optimum length based on the height of the user. This also allows the user to get into a jumping rhythm faster which ultimately builds momentum during the workout session.

With the Gyro Fit device, users can perform lots of jump rope routines like High Knees, Side Swings, Double Jumps, One Foot, Criss-cross, and Heel to toe etc.

  1. No-Line Jump:

For those who fear to trip on ropes during jump rope workout sessions, you can disconnect the rope from the Gyro Fit device. To perform the No-Line Jump, after having disconnected the rope, the user twirls the two separate ends of the rope and jumps in time to the rhythm of the ropes as they swing. This is also a handy feature for beginners who don’t want to get into the deep end of jump rope just yet.

It is also a good idea for those who work out indoor and do not wish to damage their floors.

  1. Hula Hoop:

The Hula hoop is another exercise routine that can be performed with the Gyro Fit device. Hula Hooping can help to get rid of excess calories as well as improving muscle tones. To do the Hula Hoop workout with the Gyro Fit device, wrap the rope around your waist and swivel your hips much the same way you would with a regular Hula Hoop, i.e. in a circular manner.

Hula Hooping as an exercise is more than just moving and swaying the hips. In order to obtain maximum benefit, the hoop has to be weighted and that is where the weighted end of the Gyro Fit device comes in handy.

The Gyro Fit Hula Hoop function also has the added advantage of not requiring as much space as the regular Hula Hoop ring.

  1. Running/Walking:

Running and walking are arguably the most basic of all outdoor workouts that most experts agree are an integral part of any fitness regimen. By incorporating the Gyro Fit device into a walking or running routine, you increase the exercise benefits several fold as both your upper and lower body will be more physically exerted.

It is akin to walking/running with light dumbbells.

Product video

Here’s one of their official product videos that show you the full capabilities of the portable fitness system:

Stright from Kickstarter

Gyro Fit is the brainchild of Dong Ku Kang, the CEO of K Lab, the company behind the design and creation of the Gyro Fit device. It was developed in 2013 and plans are in place to release it too early adopters in late 2017. Right now they have raised a lot more money than the $30.000 goal so it seems that people are interested in this concept.

It is the first device of its kind to incorporate 4 different cardio exercise routines in one portable device. The product has been launched on Kickstarter at a price of $89 with the estimated final retail price to be around $150 when fully released to the public.

If you want a lightweight training gadget for working out anytime, and anywhere, with direct feedback on a monitor on the gadget itself, you should definitely check out Gyro-Fit!

Gyro-fit workout system.

Gyro-fit workout system.




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