KidFit Activity Tracker For Kids

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Motivate your children with an activity tracker for kids.

It can be hard to motivate your child to move more. Statistics say that more and more kids are increasingly inactive and use a lot of time in front of computers and iPads that are not good for their health. Fitness trackers for adults are selling a lot these days, and more and more people see the advantage of using one. Why not the children too?

It’s smart to begin early and make the young ones aware of how much they move and build healthy habits. Running, jumping and moving with kids is fun!

There are just a few devices for kids on the market today, but there will probably come more very soon. The most interesting one, in my opinion, is the KidFit from X-Doria. X-Doria usually produces smartphone covers and accessories but has also made this gadget for kids.

I’m a gadget freak, and I think it’s a fascinating product for a new market.

Read on to learn more about this product below the picture:

Kidfit Activity Tracker for Kids

Kidfit Activity Tracker for Kids

Some children, like my son, have an enormous amount of energy and a device like this suits him great. It’s awesome for him to have his personal gadget to check his activity levels. He knows I use fitness wearables and is constantly asking about them.


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Features and Design

The KidFit Activity and Sleep Tracker is a low-cost wearable for children from five to thirteen years of age.  It is designed as a silicone wristband with ‘one size fits all’ snap band functionality that is easy to put on for kids.

It comes in four different colors that are blue, pink, black and yellow, so I suppose picky children have at least a small variety to choose between. The design fits children very well and looks a bit like a sturdy, serious toy.

The colors remind me of my inkjet :)

The colors remind me of my inkjet 🙂

The tracker piece itself can be removed from the band for charging with a USB cable.

On top of the unit is a button next to a small display with an LED indicator that change color regarding that it does. When the tracker is recording activity, it lights up green when it syncs it’s blue and when it is red it’s charging.

When the indicator is orange, it means it tracks sleep which is a neat feature for a cheap gadget like this. I reckon it can be used as a ‘how to get my kid to sleep’ tool as well. Say that “Let’s see how much sleep you can do tonight and let the tracker monitor it, and then we’ll check tomorrow morning” – Make it a bit of a competition. The button is used to activate and deactivate sleep mode.

Nice to know:

The band is rated splash proof which means there is no problem with walking in the rain or running through water spray, but it’s not completely watertight so it can’t be submerged in water.

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Daily Score to Reach

Instead of splashing out with how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burned and how far have you walked, for instance, like ordinary trackers, the KidFit has a point system based on goals set individually to accommodate each child. It’s clear that the device tracks steps and distance as a pedometer, but the point scale is easier to understand.

When the point meter reaches a 100 points, the goals for that day is reached, and the kid can get an agreed reward. The goals, points, and other info are viewed and changed in the smartphone or tablet app.


I like the point system since it makes the whole thing easy to understand, and the training is becoming a fun challenge with a reward in the end.

Smartphone and Tablet App

I don’t know any five years old’s that has a smartphone, but children these days are adapting and getting their own smartphones much earlier every year. My point is that since you don’t see the points and numbers directly on the bands display the kid are dependent on watching this on a smartphone that they might need to borrow from their parents.

Using an iPad mini is perhaps a better way of viewing this data for them since kids tend to own those before phones, but then again they can’t run around with the iPad all the time either. Wasn’t one of my points from earlier to take a break from the smart devices and get out and move? 🙂

Screens from the App

Screens from the App

If the goals are too easy, just adjust them in the app for tougher challenges.

By the way, the KidFit app supports both iOS and Android. And it’s free.

KidFit Product Video

Here is the official commercial from X-doria.

Read my verdict below:

Is this the best activity tracker for kids?

There are just a few activity trackers for kids on the marked available. I bet there will be many more in the future. Among the few trackers, there is, I consider this one the best both in regards to design and enough functionality. There are reports of different problems like that they are uncomfortable to wear and doesn’t charge right, but since it’s a low-cost device for kids that are probably not that serious as we adult are when it comes to these fitness trackers, I don’t think you can expect more.

I guess someone will have to make a top of the class quality tracker for kids soon.

I give it my thumbs up even if the product gets just above three stars rating by customers on Amazon. It’s also a great birthday gift idea for kids at a decent price.

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Pros and Cons

What is good and what is not:

 Pros +  Cons –
  • Price
  • Functionality
  • Simple design for kids
  • Easy to put on
  • Level of fun
  • Must connect to smart device to see goals
  • Not completely waterproof

Find out where to get this fitness tracker for the best price, below the specification chart:

Specification Chart

General Design:
Type Wristband
Materials Silicone band, plastic sensor piece
Size One size fits all
Interaction One button
Interface LCD lights
Battery Type Rechargeable with USB
Colors Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink
Water-Resistant Yes (IPX3)
Water-Proof (depth) -
It Tracks:
Steps Taken Yes
Flight of Stairs -
Distance Yes
Activity time -
Calories Burned -
Sleep Duration and Quality Yes (Simple only hours)
Heart Rate -
Pulse Oximeter -
24/7 (All day) Yes
Other features:
Rewards Yes – point system
Inactivity/Idle Alert -
Time -
Silent Vibration Alarm -
Auto Goals -
Smart notification -
Music Control -
Wireless or USB Wireless
Device Compatibility Android and iOS
Sync Method Bluetooth
Mobile App KidFit App (Free)
Manufacturer X-doria

What’s In The Box?

  • One KidFit Wristband in chosen color
  • Charging Cable
  • QuickStart Guide

Where Can I Buy KidFit Activity Tracker For Kids?

Purchase Product

US: Purchase this gadget on

Purchase Product

UK: Purchase this gadget on

If you are in or close to USA click the button to check recent price and additional info. If you are in or close to United Kingdom, click the bottom link.

More Info or Questions

Here are some comments from other buyers on Amazon.

“Fun for the kids – the app could use a little update :)” – By Bethany

“Love this product!” – By Tonya P

“Great birthday gift” -By Carol Richardson

Do you have any questions or comments on my KidFit review, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


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