14 Quit Smoking Aids and Gadgets Smokers Should Embrace!

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Use Quit Smoking aids and smart gadgets to get rid of bad habits

Even if more and more people have understood that smoking cigarettes are both expensive and extremely bad for your general health and stamina, there are still people out there struggling to put the smoke down.

I seriously don’t think that most of my readers interested in fitness and health actually are addicted to nicotine, but I don’t know. Readers that don’t smoke will probably find this post boring. Maybe you have a friend you can send this article to or buy one of these products as a gift for a smoker? That will show that person that you really care and want to help them out of the bad habit and getting healthier!

But, the main audience I’m reaching out to is you that still smokes and want to give it up.

I will not give you any special tips or tricks for getting rid of your habit. There are plenty of ’10 ways to quit smoking’ sites who do. That was just an example, but there are tons of different methods I presume. In essence, there are two ways to quit – immediately or gradually. I think I recommend quitting gradually based on experiences with bad results from friends who tried to quit too fast. I like drug free solutions and I have always believed that technology and high-tech health gadgets can help people with different situations in this modern world. After all, this is a site about gadgets and especially healthy gadgets.


I have collected a list of 14 of the best ‘quit smoking aids’ in the form of gadgets, thingies, common products, and technical devices. I hope it will ease the search for a tool that can motivate you, or your friends, to give up smoking.

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14 Drug-Free Quit Smoking Gadgets

I must emphasize that I have not tested these any of products myself. Unfortunately, (for this case) I’m not a smoker. If you are curious about user reviews and ratings, just click the product images or text link and read what people who have bought it says. They tend to be really good and honest! I have already skipped mentioning quit smoke aids with a low score that clearly doesn’t work.

I’m very keen on learning if these gadgets work or not, so please leave a comment below if you have tried one of the products and how it works! It will help others in the same situation. Thanks!

Now, the gadgets:


1. LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer

Drug-free quit smoking aid that helps you quit gradually!

LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer

LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer

The QuitKey keyring from LifeSign is a popular self-help quit-smoking gadget with absolutely no side effects. It is a drug- and a chemical-free handheld computer that helps you quit smoking gradually.

The device will make a personalized quit plan based on your smoking routines by recording when you take a cigarette. After that, it will remind you when to smoke, and when not to smoke, one day at a time, by altering your smoking routines. Eventually, by smoking less each day, you will gradually reduce the nicotine dependence. 

The method is scientifically proven, and it is not that expensive either. Click the image to check the latest price. It is at least worth a try.


2. Medicomat-10SM Acupuncture Device

Acupunture gadget for home use that helps you quit smoking and bad habits!

Acupuncture Medicomat-10SM

Medicomat-10SM Acupuncture Device

According to the manufacturer, ear acupuncture is an effective method used with good success to help people treating addictions and addictive behavior. Smoking falls into that category so it is useful for that too. Medicomat-10 combines modern technology with traditional Chinese acupuncturology. It is safe, no penetration into the skin, and no side effects.

Acupuncture works by adjusting cravings by balancing your body’s brain chemistry and is also used to decrease cravings and help heal the damage caused by smoking.

So if you want to stump the cigarette and perhaps get rid of a few other unwanted habits, check out this cool gadget by Medicomat –  they call it the Worlds Best Healthcare Apparatus.


3. Pavlok Trainer

Shocking gadget for breaking bad habits like smoking and more!

Pavlok Trainer

Pavlok Trainer

The Pavlok Trainer is a wrist-worn stop smoking gadget that has the amazing effect that it can break any bad habit and urge. We all agree that smoking is on the top of the list of bad habits.

When you finally have the black box with the yellow lightning symbol on it and unbox the gadget, your first thoughts may be…. Will this thing work?

The theory behind the gizmo is that a combination of behavioral training techniques and a shock by the innovative hardware will help you stop whatever habit you want to quit. With the “5 Minutes For 5 Days” program you are supposed to zap yourself when you do the action, and eventually, the amount and frequency of cravings will reduce over time. Sounds reasonable I guess. 

It sounds a bit like clickers used behavioral training of dogs. Use the Pavlok iPhone app for adjustments and courses to finally kick habits like smoking, nail biting, eating sugar, being unproductive, hitting the snooze button, negative thoughts, getting over your ex, or even getting a song unstuck from your head and more.


4. AcuOne

A gadget that use electro-acupuncture on your mission to give up smoking.



The AcuOne anti-smoking device is placed on the inside of your right wrist and incorporates the natural and therapeutic principles of acupuncture.

The device stimulates 3 points in the palm for two minutes and should be used when you wake up every hour, and whenever you feel like smoking. 

Electro-acupuncture is safe and completely painless. In this way, you can progressively control, without side effects, your tobacco consumption.

I would be very interested in learning if this gizmo works, or not.


5. Quitbit Smart Lighter

A smart lighter with smartphone app that helps you track, reduce and eventually quit smoking!

Quitbit Smart Lighter

Quitbit Smart Lighter

The Quitbit Lighter is a clever little device. As a fitness gadgets enthusiast I find the name very fitting and the resemblance to Fitbit is there.

It is actually a fully functional lighter that you use to light up a cigarette. It tracks how often you do it, and if you use it too often it simply will not work. A timer on a display tells you when you can have your next cigarette.

The lighter is wirelessly connected to an app where you can set plans, reach goals and check statistics. You can even share your progress with the online world and community if you want. So if you are a smoker who does not lose the lighter all the time (which I have understood is a challenge), this product is made for you.

Check the Quitbit price here, and watch how it works in this video:


6. Nicorette Quickmist Duo

Mouth spray for for fast craving relief  and motiation when trying to quit!

Nicorette Quickmist Duo

Nicorette Quickmist Duo

Nicorette Quickmist Duo is a mouth spray for reducing the cravings for a cigarette. It is perfect for people who want to give up smoking. Ok, it is not a technical gadget in the right sense of the words, but it is a nice product a stop-smoking aid. Worth a try, right? At least it is a much safer alternative to smoking a cigarette!

How to get going: In the beginning try one spray, but if the cravings don’t disappear, try another one. It is important to use enough spray for the right effect, but read the instructions that follow the product carefully. Don’t overdo it.


 7. The Filtrim

Micro-perforate the cigarette to let the chemicals and poisons out!

The Filtrim is a device that let you cut down on smoking gradually through a four-stage withdrawal process that can help you prepare to quit and stay smoke-free. How it works are quite clever.

The Filtrim

The Filtrim

You do it by utilizing a patented metal instrument designed by watchmaker Cartier, that puts almost invisible holes, or micro-perforations, in the end, or filter of the cigarette. It enables your cigarette to burn cooler and filter more effectively without abruptly altering the taste, draw or satisfaction.

Cut down slowly, and then follow their four-step program for quitting. Eventually, your body will stop urging for the nicotine, and maybe it is time to quit. Read more on their website.


8. NicoDerm CQ Nicotine patches

Concealed Nicotine Patches is an absolutely necessity.

NicoDerm CQ Nicotine patches

NicoDerm CQ Nicotine patches

NicoDerm CQ is a clear transdermal nicotine patch you stick directly on the skin.

It delivers nicotine fast and steadily to your body throughout the day. No-one will notice that you wear it discreetly under your clothes.

Step down the smoking and fight the urge to take daily cigarettes. Different box sizes and doses. Click the link above to check price and availability.

Also, check out the Nicorette Gum with fruit chill flavor. strek

9. Kitchen Safe

Lock the addictive cigarettes in a smart box with timer!

Kitchen Safe

Kitchen Safe

The Kitchen Safe is a smart box with a lock developed at MIT and scientifically proven to work. It keeps whatever you put in it for a certain amount of time. It can be a pack of cigarettes, candy, cookies, chocolate, video game controls, credit cards, pills, or other bad habits. I’m sure you get the idea. According to studies of highly successful people, the best strategy for achieving goals is to avoid relying on willpower alone. These people are more likely to use something called precommitment, which significantly improves odds of achieving their goals, such as quit smoking.

The Kitchen Safe box itself is easy to learn and control. The lid can be locked for any amount of time between 1 minute and 10 days. The batteries last for between 6 to 12 months, so that should be plenty.

I suggest buying the non-transparent box, so you don’t see whats inside and get tempted, but it’s your choice. It comes in several sizes and colors.


10. Quitting Smoking For Dummies

Read a well recieved book about the subject!

Quitting Smoking For Dummies

Quitting Smoking For Dummies

The book Quitting Smoking For Dummies is a top rated book an loved by reviewers. When you have made up your mind and is committed to stopping, this friendly and practical guide will help you reach your important goal step by step.

On the back of the cover, it says: “Conquer your smoking triggers and cravings. Break your bad habits, be healthier, and breathe easier!”

Can be bought digitally as well as paperback from Amazon. Click the link to read the awesome user reviews… If I’d been smoking I would buy it right away.


11. Dummy Cigarettes

Fake cigarettes with mint chewing gum taste!

Fake dummy cigarettes

Fake dummy cigarettes

This is an interesting stop smoking aid. Fake plastic cigarettes that taste with lemon and mint flavor. If you miss the feeling of holding a cigarette between your fingers this sounds perfect. Maybe you don’t want to miss out the social habit of a “fresh air-break” with your office colleagues, but don’t want to smoke for real? Try this thingy. And let me know in the commenting section if it works…

In combination with a nicotine patch perhaps?


12. Electronic Cigarettes

Replace smoking with a safer alternative!

Electronic cigarettes are very popular these days. They were invented during the 60ties, but the popularity is increasing since people now tend to really understand the dangers of smoking.

They resemble the appearance of ordinary cigarettes and is a good choice for replacing smoking with a safer alternative. They work by heating up a nicotine-laced liquid and you inhale a liquid-vapor with nicotine instead of chemical-filled smoke.

An e-cigarette is also more friendly to the people around you like kids and family. There are many choices of vaporizers ranging from the basics to products with flavors, with and without nicotine.


13. Harmless Cigarette

Effective and natural stop smoking aids!

Harmless Cigarette

Harmless Cigarette

The Harmless Cigarette claims to be better than patches, gums, pills, and sprays. ‘Quit smoking in 4 weeks or less’ they say.

The product is developed by experienced health care professionals and is a natural therapeutic alternative that helps reduce cravings and stop the urge. It is made to satisfy the psychological factors of hand-to-mouth addiction.

Maybe this is the best way to quit smoking? It is 100% safe, non-electric, smokeless, vaporless, nicotine free, and tobacco-free. Read more on Amazon (link above) or on their homepage


14. Coughing and Screaming Ashtray

Lung shaped ashtray that coughs and screams when used… 

Coughing and Screaming Ashtray

Coughing and Screaming Ashtray

I have read mixed reviews of this product so I don’t know how functional and useful it really is, but it might be a fun novelty gift for a smoking friend or family member you care about with black (or smoke-grey) humor.

Anyway, it is a good reminder that the precious lungs don’t deserve inhalation of smoke.

I think reviewer ‘Geraine_2007’ on Amazon sums this product up good… “Funny. Cheap feeling and the scream is lame. But it is a funny, not a necessity.” 

That’s it!

Hope you enjoyed this list of stop smoking gadgets! Have you tried any of these and succeeded, or not managed to quit, I hope you will leave a comment below. Have a nice day and good luck quitting! I believe in you.


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