Beast Sensor – The Versatile Weight Training Gadget

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Finally a good Gym Workout Tracker.

Runners, cyclists, and runners have been able to measure their performance with activity trackers for a long time.

But when you want to track weight training, strength training, and weightlifting, the ordinary fitness tracker falls short. What you need in the weight room is a proper gym workout tracker, and the Beast Sensor seems to do the job.

Best Sensor is a wearable device designed by strength and conditioning coaches for muscle building exercises. It has a bunch of advanced sensors like several accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses inside the small module.

The module which weighs 38 grams can be worn as an ordinary wristband, but the unique thing is the ability to attached it to other things like cable machine weights, dumbells, barbells or other Beast accessories with the integrated magnet.

The sensors give you proper and accurate tracking on the power, strength, and speed of each lift on your smartphone. Depending on the program you chose on in the app you will also see statistics on explosiveness, reps, average power, and energy burn.

Setup and how it works

When you have placed the sensor on a piece of equipment or your wrist, you turn to the app and select which workout you are going to do from a catalog of exercises. You set how many kg (or ounces) you will lift and set the timer.

Press Start in the app, wait for 10 seconds to count to down, and then work out.

You need to set it up before every exercise which takes a bit of time. The setup might be the factor that makes it so you don’t want to use it all the time, but as a measuring tool once in a while.


Smartphone app screenshots

During the workout, the tracker is very precise, and it doesn’t miss or skip a count when attached to weight lifting equipment. It’s a common problem with other fitness trackers you wear on the wrist for this type of activity.

While training, you can watch the progress in real time on a smartphone or tablet. It gives you the count, speed, and measures the wattage (power) of your workout. Of course, it is possible to check out this data after you are done.

Some exercises depend on a wearing an accessory vest the Beast Sensor can be attached too. Typically squats and push ups. The vest has plates you can magnetically attach the sensor module. If you are serious about using the Beast Sensor for monitoring your weight lifting workouts, the Beast Vest is something you should consider buying as well.

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The app lets you choose several training modes. As mentioned before it takes a bit of time to change training mode during your time in the gym, but for performance tracking and overall progress, it is worth it. The modes are Performance Tracking, Hypertrophy, Max Strenght, Power, and Velocity.

If you want to look at your training history it is not possible in the app, which could be a nice feature. Instead, you need to log in to the beast website to view it. There are a few cool data sets like the total volume of weight you have lifted or total count of reps.

Here are some cool videos that show you the product in detail

Video reviews and Official product video

Check out this video review from Techy Agent: Beast Sensor – Weight Lifting REVIEW:

And an official video from the makers at Beast Technologies:


Pro and Cons

As with all products, there are a few things which are great with this gym tracker, and a few things that could be better.

It is, first and foremost, a great idea and the fact that you can attach it to machines and equipment other than your wrist makes it a unique fitness tracker. It is also very accurate and does a great job counting squats and lifts.


A few things that could be better is a larger catalogue of exercises, which is a bit limited at the moment. It also takes a bit of time to set up which may put some people off and stop them from using this cool gadget. It is not able to track heart rate and calculate burned calories that their competitor Atlas does.

But heart rate is not a real problem if you want to mainly use it on gym equipment.

Get it here

Right now it is possible to order one directly from Beast Technologies. Click in to see the recent price.

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