Philips SmartSleep makes you feel less tired during the day!

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Want to feel more rested? Philips SmartSleep is a Clinically proven sleep gadget that can help you.

I often struggle with feeling tired and yawn a lot during the day. It can be challenging in work situations and when participating in activities with the kids. Sounds familiar? Maybe the drug-free sleep enhancement technology SmartSleep can help us reduce daytime sleeping?

Philips has in cooperation with sleep experts and researchers come up with a personal sleep gadget for the home that increases the quality of your sleep. Users that have tried the gadget reported that they felt that they got more energy in the same amount of sleep time as usual. Actually, Philips claims that 80% of the users reported that they felt less tired during the day after a couple of weeks.

A few users also experienced the benefits of the sleep gadget from day one. It is almost like a human supercharger!

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SmartSleep is a wearable device that looks like a grey headband with a power button with a light. The system consists of two sensors used for measuring when you are sleeping, and when you reach the so-called slow-wave sleep state. One sensor is placed behind the ear, and the other sensor is placed in the forehead on the fabric headband itself. There are two speakers covering the ears.

Slow-wave sleep is the same as deep sleep and is the third phase of the non-REM sleep. Here the heartbeat and breathing slow down significantly and the muscles relax. This is a goldmine to dig further into.

The brain works in mysterious ways, but we know that the brain records lots of information during the day from all the senses. All these inputs result in millions of new connections between the cells in the brain. It sounds overwhelming, and without some sort of clean up the mental hard drive would fill up quite quickly.

Philips sleep gadget.

Philips sleep gadget.

This is the beauty of sleeping… when we sleep in the deep state the brain sorts out unnecessary information we don’t need for cool memories and aquated knowledge.

By the way, REM is perhaps a more known stage of the sleep cycle which stands for Rapid Eye Movement, but in this stage, the body s not as responsive to the sleep gadget.

Kicks in at the exact right time

SmartSleep is monitoring your sleep pattern constantly and adjust it’s effect accordingly at the right time. You guessed it: the slow ware sleep. It is actually possible to increase the effectiveness of the important deep sleep state with this device.

How does it do it? Well, the wearable headband makes barely noticeable soundwaves and tones that boost your brains slow-waves. Audio is as we know a safe and drug-free way to interact with your body.

With the app on a smartphone, you get the whole statistics delivered each morning. I provide you with data on quality on your sleep, the sleep pattern and sleep score. It is a neat system and it supposedly gives you the benefit of feeling more rested and not so tired during the day quite fast.

Sleep score in the smartphone app.

Sleep score in the smartphone app.

Quality, not quantity

Sending audio waves to the brain and let you sleep better, doesn’t let you sleep more, but with better quality. It increases your energy in the same sleep time as you are used to.

I mentioned earlier that the brain sorts out and deleted unnecessary information during the slow-wave sleep. With an ineffective, or too short, deep sleep period your brain is not “defragmented” enough (to use a Windows term…). This makes you feel tired and not fully charged.

Studies show that it doesn’t necessarily help to be in deep sleep longer, but with the correct stimuli like the audio waves from Philips Smartsleep, this cleaning process is more effective. Distinctive tones played of in distinctive volume, frequency and time have been proven to change the slow-waves.


Try yourself?

I think the best way to prove that this concept and gadget work is yo try it yourself. This is not a tool for helping you fall to sleep, or stay asleep which you will have to manage on your own. It can’t help you with sleep conditions such as insomnia, restless legs or sleep apnea. Talk to your doctor if you are in doubt about this product.

Self-adhesive sensor behind your ear

Self-adhesive sensor behind your ear

Remember to clean your face with sope and water and dry with a towel before placing the self-adhesive sensor behind your ear. Place the headband with the sensor in the forehead, and connect the sensors. Sleep well. Good night!

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Here is an explanatory video of how to set it up:

Questions or comments? Do you believe the hype? Share your thoughts below.

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