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Sunrise Smart Pillow lets you fall asleep easier and wake up rested.

The demands of the modern day life with its attendant stress, busy schedules, traffic, and environmental degradation has impacted greatly on the wellbeing of many people.

The number of people reported to be suffering from sleep disorders has increased tremendously in recent years. Can a new smart-product called the Sunrise Smart Pillow help these people?

According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a third of adults in the United States report that they do not get to sleep for the recommended 8 hours a day. As many as 50 to 70 million adults in the United States have some sort of sleep disorder.

There is ample evidence that links the increase in patients suffering from sleep disorders to the increase in motor vehicle fatalities caused by drowsy driving. With so many people not getting sufficient sleep, the risk factors have become exponentially more severe.

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There are a lot of causative factors that contribute to the emergence of sleep disorders, mostly medical conditions, stress and the increased use of technological gadgets. This last causative agent is almost solely responsible for the emergence of sleep disorders in prepubescent and adolescent children.

While there are therapies and medications that have been introduced to combat the trend, some experts believe the best approach would be to maximize the therapeutic effects of sleep. This has led to the creation of some impressive sleep enhancing gadgets that have been designed to optimize the circadian rhythms of people.

Sleep therapy is a burgeoning field and the Sunrise Smart Pillow is an intuitive entry into this fast advancing field. The inventors have incorporated some truly advanced features that make it worth considering for people who want to get the most out of their sleep time.

Relaxing on the smart pillow.

Relaxing on the smart pillow.

Set your ambient sleep sound.

Set your ambient sleep sound.

What is Sunrise Smart Pillow exactly?

The Sunrise Smart Pillow combines a sleek design with cutting-edge science and technology to create the ultimate sleep therapy pillow. It boasts numerous advanced features that improve the balance of the body’s sleep and wake hormones which lead to enhanced health and vitality.

This product is equipped with 6 clinically proven methods, verified by sleep therapy experts to help users sleep better. These intuitive features include a smart alarm, binaural beats, and guided meditation. It also comes with a companion smartphone app to help you schedule your wake-up time.

Apart from these features, it also has a wireless audio system and blue light technology which promise to make your sleep even more enjoyable. The cushion also doesn’t compromise on the comfort expected of a sleeping pillow as it is designed for maximum comfort while in use. It comes in two distinct designs; a Contour Ergonomic shape and a Classic Comfort shape for those who prefer a more traditional cushion feel.


The Pillows’ Main Features

This sleep gadget is without a doubt the future of sleep and wakeup technology. In total there are 18 features, but these are the most important one:

  • Smart Alarm – The Smart Alarm feature of the Sunrise Smart Pillow works in tune with the natural circadian rhythms of the user to create a gentler wake-up experience. The typical alarm clock offers an abrupt waking experience which is completely at odds with the optimal REM cycle of the human body. Instead of an abrupt sound that forcibly rouses a user from REM sleep, the Smart Alarm feature allows the product to detect the particular sleep cycle that is unique to the user. This allows the cushion to begin the waking up process at the proper time when the user is still sleeping lightly.
  • Wireless Audio – This product has an inbuilt wireless audio system that complements the sunrise feature. This allows the user to create a wake-up playlist of anything from soothing nature sounds to classical music or even smooth jazz. The volume of the sound from the wireless audio system slowly increases so as not to create an abrupt waking up process.
  • Sunrise Feature – The feature that gives this gadget its name, RGB LEDs on the surface of the pillow simulates the rising sun on the sleeping face. This creates the optimal waking up process that leaves the user energized, invigorated, and ready for a new day.
  • Companion Smartphone app – The Sunrise Pillow app is a smartphone app compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It helps users keep track of vital sleep-related information to help with their sleep therapy. It works seamlessly with the smart pillow to create a unique user experience.
  • Deep Sleep Technology  -This uniquely designed headrest isn’t all about creating a better waking up experience. it is also designed for optimal sleep therapy by virtue of its top-of-the-line Deep Sleep Technology which combines 6-deep sleep options to create the perfect sleep. These 6-deep sleep options are fan sounds, sound conditioner, audiobook, guided meditation, nature sounds, and binaural beats.
  • Blue Light Technology – The Sunrise Smart Pillow goes beyond being a sleeping headrest to something even more – a bio-hack gadget capable of improving mood and enhancing focus. There are numerous studies that show the benefit inherent in being exposed to blue light for a few minutes, once a day. The product comes with blue light technology to help users improve their alertness during the day.
  • Bluetooth LE – What’s a smart gadget without Bluetooth? This pillow comes with Bluetooth LE technology to help users change alarm settings and sundry pillow configurations. It also helps pair the product with your smartphone so as to use the companion smartphone app in tandem with the pillow.
  • Microphone – Thie health gadget is built for optimum sleep monitoring via an ultra-sensitive inbuilt microphone which records disturbances and breathing patterns while sleeping.
18 Features in the smart pillow.

18 Features in the smart pillow.

Analyze your sleep score in the app.

Analyze your sleep score in the app.

How the pillow works

Analyzing the mode of operation of the Sunrise Smart Pillow can be done in three phases and these are:

  1. Sleeping Mode

This pillow is designed to offer up a peaceful sleeping experience with sounds and lights that relax the brain and gently nudge the body towards a peaceful sleep. There are over 21 sounds that users can choose from which play via the wireless sound system that is incorporated into the pillow design. This makes it excellent for people who find it difficult to sleep at night.

While sleeping the headrest records a ton of information like breathing pattern, snoring, and disturbances. This information is recorded in the smartphone app and to create a sleep score.

  1. Waking Up Mode

Being able to detect the signature circadian rhythm of the user, the Sunrise Smart Pillow can gently wake the person from sleep, using the smart alarm feature. The abrupt nature of your normal alarm severely disrupts the sleep cycle and is not healthy for the body.

When you set an alarm on the device, a few minutes before the alarm time, the RGB LEDs begin to slowly simulate the rising sun on the sleeping face.

This stimulation with colored lights informs the brain that it is time to stop producing melatonin (the sleep hormone) and the body of the user gets gently roused. While this is going on, a soothing crescendo of sound begins to play over the wireless speakers in the pillow which help to gently wake the user up.

  1. Bio-Hack Mode

Sometimes during the day, it is normal to feel jaded, tired and unable to focus. Studies have shown that being exposed to blue light for a few minutes can help relieve such feelings. With the onboard blue light technology, users can hack their afternoons, thereby improving their focus and attention on the pending tasks that they have to accomplish during the day.

Product video

Read more on Kickstarter

The Sunrise Smart Pillow was conceptualized and designed by Mode | M, an LA-based design company. The final prototype was completed in June of 2016 and was launched on Kickstarter in April of 2017.

It is scheduled to be released in the last quarter of 2017 with an expected retail price of $299.

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