10 Informative Garmin Vivoactive Reviews worth Watching

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A Collection of the best Garmin Vivoactive Reviews

If you are planning to purchase a new fitness tracker, there is no secret that the Garmin VivoActive are very popular these days, and it’s a smart thing to read and watch video reviews to determine if this product suits your needs too. I have collected a bunch of popular reviews below for you which I think is worth looking at.

This is how it looks like in black and white:

GPS Smartwatch

GPS Smartwatch

I have also written my own product review which covers a lot, and it also has a specification chart with details. This is a GPS Smartwatch with built-in programs for monitoring everything you need for 24-hour tracking and when you are either running, cycling, swimming or playing golf. It is even possible to download new applications and themes that suit your need. It’s this customizability that makes this smart watch really interstring, as well as the accuracy, sturdy design and the fact that it is waterproof. To maximize the performance of this activity tracker, it’s recommended to use with a heart rate sensor chest strap.

You will learn a lot more after watching the videos below.

Popular Product Among the Experts

It is also worth noticing that in my previous article where I asked 8 professional users and reviewers what they wore on their wrist on a daily basis, as well as which fitness tracker they thought was their favorite, the Garmin VivoActive came high up on the list for many of them. In my eyes, that proves that this training tool is of high quality and worth considering.

Now to the interesting part:

Recommended Video Reviews

There are tons of video reviews out there and on YouTube, but these are the best ones in English:

Techy Agents review – Garmin Vivoactive – Complete Review

JimsReviewRoom – Garmin VivoActive with Chest Strap – REVIEW

DCRainmakerHands on with the Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch

GetFitOver40 – Garmin VivoActive Activity Tracker and Smart Watch Preview

RizKnowsGarmin vívoactive GPS Watch Review – Software

Carry HaulwellGarmin Vivoactive Review Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

CNETThe Garmin Vivoactive is an ultra-slim smartwatch with a few hiccups

Cliff Cisar – Garmin Vivoactive Product Run-through

Peter Pasieka – Garmin Vivoactive sport watch basic review/overview

wiggleGarmin Vivoactive

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Final words

Hope you learned something and found it interesting. These clips contain EVERYTHING you need to know about this device.

This is a good place to buy it:

If you have any comments to the videos, questions related to this fitness tracker or maybe a link to your own video review? Post it below in the comment section. Thanks. 🙂



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