Nokia Steel HR Fitness Tracker is Elegant and Functional

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Nokia Steel HR – ordinary on the outside, advanced on the inside.

We live in a time where we and those around us are becoming increasingly aware of our personal health and fitness, with terms such as veganism, paleo and clean-living becoming more and more frequently used in day-to-day life.

As our awareness of the importance of nutrition increases, fitness trackers are becoming globally acknowledged as an excellent and efficient way to keep track of our daily cardiovascular activities.

One fitness tracker which is proving to be rising to the top is the Nokia Steel HR analog fitness tracker/smart-watch hybrid by Nokia’s Withings. Are you a runner or swimmer, read on – this activity tracker might be the right for you.

The fitness tracker is an evolution of Withings’ Activité Steel which measures your cardiovascular activity levels. The Steel HR includes heart rate monitoring (HR) which provides continuous monitoring during workouts and throughout your daily routine including while you sleep.

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The first thing you’ll notice about the activity tracker is its sleek design. The Steel HR offers all that its competitor smartwatches have to offer but without the clunky, bulked up aesthetic. No flashing LED screens or plastic wrist guards here. The watch is inconspicuous enough to be worn to a black tie event, and doesn’t scream ‘wearable tech’.

But, with a closer look, you can identify it is indeed the latest piece of wearable technology. The smartwatch comes in either black or silver casing with two small screens for tracking and for notifications.

Nokia (Withings) Steel HR

Nokia (Withings) Steel HR

Key features

Key features include a smart heart rate tracker, which continuously monitors your cardiovascular levels whether in default or workout mode.

This allows you to dissect the most active parts of your day and identify where you could fit in extra cardiovascular activity to boost your heart rate and encourage your weight loss journey. The smartwatch is water resistant up to 50 meters (5 ATM) and can track over 10 activities via recognition technology, including swimming.

Activity tracker for swimmers

Activity tracker for swimmers

An appealing feature is its smart sleep monitoring technology. Steel HR automatically tracks and analyses your sleep cycles. This monitoring technology will tell you when you wake up, how long you sleep for and any interruptions you experienced during the night. The Smart Wake-Up feature means that you’ll be woken up only at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. To work this feature you set a window when you want to be up in the morning and you’ll be woken up by a silent vibration during the lightest stage of your sleep cycle.

No grogginess here, you’ll be able to wake up at your own pace and within your chosen time range.

To give some context, a fitness tracker at a similar price tag is the Forerunner 35. This smart HR watch is the product of Garmin, featuring elevated optical HR technology built into its smart-tracking technology. It features 24/7 activity tracking both in default mode and during work out mode. It is a relatively inexpensive option compared to other smartwatches, however, it falls short on the looks front, with an extremely clunky and conspicuous design and an unappealing LED screen which is easy to read but not so nice to look at.

Steel HR worn by tennis player

Steel HR used by tennis player

It’s geared up more towards steps and running than a range of activities. Garmin claims you are able to reach 9 days of battery life with this HR tracker, however extra use of its interface will lessen this significantly. Saying that it is very user-friendly with four physical buttons surrounding the watch face where you can find dedicated modes for cardio, walking, outdoor and indoor running and cycling.

The navigation button guides you through various menus such as resting heart rate, step counts, and calorie burns. All very comprehensive and easy to navigate.

The Steel HR tracker’s initial most appealing feature is likely to be its battery life. The Steel HR boasts the longest battery life of any activity watch on the market currently, lasting up to 25 days without needing to be charged. That’s some serious endurance compared with other HR trackers out there, with many only lasting around 7 days.



Price level

Despite the smart design and the fact that it looks closer to a normal watch than many fitness trackers available today, the price tag is reasonable coming in at around $130  and the same price for 36mm white. Compare this to the clunky yet popular market leader Fitbit Charge 2 which comes in at $150 and you’ll find you have a well-designed watch that you can wear with any occasion for only 20 dollars more.

Steel HR White version

Steel HR White version

Steel HR’s unparalleled battery life no doubt pushes it to the forefront of the smart watch HR market. That and its sleek design which beats many of the clunky, unattractive fitness watches out there today. The watch is light, durable and comfortable when exercising and when used as casual wear. The Steel HR accurately monitors your heart rate, steps, calorie count and sleep meaning it gives you a holistic and accurate view of your overall cardiovascular health.

The optical heart rate monitor that is embedded on the underside of the watch does not work underwater which is a common design flaw in many smart watches today, and one which will definitely be overcome in the next few years as the technology develops. When you receive calls and texts you’ll see the name and number of the person on the smart screen but won’t be able to read the message from your wrist, which some people on the move may find frustrating.

Steel HR Casual wear

Steel HR Casual wear

In the box

Unboxing, this is what you get:

  • Charging cable
  • Nokia Steel HR Fitness Tracker in chosen color
  • Quick start manual

Final thoughts

To conclude, the Steel HR is amongst the most pioneering smart watches and heart rate trackers on the market today. It’s combination of usability, sleek design and unparalleled battery life mean it checks all the boxes for smartwatch users. The Steel HR will keep your mind, body and social life connected and will propel you through your weight loss and fitness goals.

Product video

Where can I buy the Nokia Steel HR Smartwatch?

You can purchase it my favorite online store, or Amazon Canada.

Always click the button to check recently updated price and additional info and reviews.

More info & Questions

I’ll answer any question in the commenting section below, so post your doubts or concerns there. Check out these comments from other users:

“A clear winner!” by ByGiovanni T.

“Interesting Activity Tracking Watch (versus a typcial smart watch)” by ThatUmbrellaGuy

“I’m in love with my Nokia Steel.” by C. Wagner

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Technical Specifications

Here are the most important tech specs:

General Design:
Name Nokia Steel HR (previously Withings Steel HR)
Type Activity and sleep tracker, Heart rate monitor
Weight 49 g
Dimension 36.3 mm x 13 mm. 18 mm wide
Size One size (Fits wrists up to 200 mm)
Materials Silicon, mineral glass, and stainless steel
Interaction Button
Interface Analog dial display for time, OLED screen
Resolution -
Battery Type Rechargeable battery
Battery Life 25 days
Charging time 2 hours
Memory -
Colors Black or white
Water-Resistant Yes
Water-Proof (depth) Yes, 5 ATM – 50 m
Vibration Yes
Sensors Day and Night motion sensor, HR sensor, MEMS 3-axis Accelerometer
It Tracks:
Steps Taken Yes
Intensity minutes -
Distance Yes
Activity time Yes
Calories Burned Yes
Sleep Monitoring Yes
Heart Rate Yes
UV -
Floors climbed -
24/7 (All day) Yes
Other features:
Time Yes
Alarm Clock Yes
Guided Workouts -
Inactivity Alert -
Timer Yes
Stop watch -
VIRB Remote -
Smart Notification -
Music Control -
Find my device -
Wireless or USB Wireless
Sync Method Bluetooth 4.0
Mobile App Health Mate App
Maintenace & FAQ:
Manufacturer Nokia (Withings)
Manual (PDF) Product manual in PDF


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