Use Misfit Flash as Smart Home Remote

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One button control of your environment.

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The Misfit Flash fitness tracker will soon become a remote for many of the technical features in your home. If you don’t know much about the Flash I recommend reading my article about the product.

The short version is that the Misfit Flash is an activity tracker and clock without interface expect 12 LED lights that show you the time and your progress. I called it a cheap entry-level fitness tracker back then with a list price of $50, but at the moment you get 25% discount on Amazon. The gadget is controlled by clicking the surface which is a big button.

And that’s how you soon will control your smart home as well according to Misfit Wearables – by clicking the button to turn things on or off. They have made some interesting agreements with different suppliers of smart tech stuff for homes.

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First off they promise to be fully integrated with IFTTT which is a web service that let you create a chain of commands, a recipe, which you can trigger with the Flash. There are lots of possibilities to trigger stuff with Gmail, Instagram or Facebook for instance.

Control Smart Home Devices with Misfit Flash

Control Smart Home Devices with Misfit Flash


Misfit partnerships

Here are some of the coolest examples of what the Misfit can control eventually:

  • Interact with Logitechs Harmony API to control Home Media like playing movies and start music.
  • Integration with Nest products that let the sleep tracking monitoring in the Flash connect with the thermostat in your home so you wake up in ideal temperature every day.
  • Unlock the doors to your home with August Smart Lock. That’s a pretty neat feature.
  • Latch is another door lock system that will be supported by Flash.
  • You can start and stop music in your Spotify playlist.
  • Turn on or of Misfits own multi-color LED light bulbs.

In addition they promise support for Yo’s messaging system, Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight and check the air quality with Bitfinder. I’m sure more partners will cooperate with Misfit if this one button control is a success.

My thoughts

So far I naturally haven’t been able to try controlling a lot of stuff with the Misfit Flash, but I’m looking forward to see how this will work in practice. For instance I wonder what will happen if you hook it up to several apps and hardware. Will the LED light in your apartment turn green at the same time as you try to start a Spotify song? How does the system distinguish the different services I wonder.

Anyway I like the fact that a cheap fitness tracker can become something more – a world controller.

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