Smart Hat from LifeBEAM

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New Wearable Tech Fashion for your head.

The last year has been full of new wearable technology usually in the forms of wristbands and clips. LifeBEAM has come up with a new interesting and unusual product that let you literary put on an activity tracker in a whole different way – simply as a hat. I like wearable tech news, but does this product really delivers what is promised and will it be convenient to use?

This is the Smart Hat!

LifeBEAM Hat - wearable tech fashion

LifeBEAM Hat – wearable tech fashion

A Look Back At LifeBEAM Helmet

LifeBEAM Helmet

The LifeBEAM Helmet

The same company has previously come up with the LifeBEAM Helmet which is a wearable activity tracker inside a bicycle helmet. Another successful Kickstarter campaign.

It has built-in heart rate sensor and calories burnt counting among other functions as protection your head. It’s a smart device which allows you to ride your bicycle without wearing a heart rate chest strap sensor. Customers say it’s a very comfortable helmet to wear.

It doesn’t come with its own app but will connect to your favourite app via either ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart. ANT+ transferring technology is used in many GPS watches like Garmin’s. Bluetooth is used in most mobile phones.

Well back to their new invention – the hat.

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Technology in a hat

While the helmet was for cyclists, the hat is designed for runners. To be honest, it looks more like a cap, but we’ll call it the hat anyway since that’s the way LifeBEAM wants it.  I think we will see more and more wearable tech fashion like this one in the coming years. People want to dress with technology and wear it.

The hat has built-in electro-optical sensors which monitor your heart rate, calories, and steps. The data is transferred to the app you want. Like the helmet, the hat supports ANT+ and Bluetooth 4 to connect to a wide variety of fitness devices.

Imagine going out for a run and skip the chest band heart rate sensor, and just put on the hat. I like the idea. I don’t think I can skip the wristband just yet which can provide med with even more data, but there is always possible to wear both.

The hat is lightweight and can be worn in all weather conditions. It comes in two colors, black and white.


  • Advanced optical sensors
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity
  • All weather proof
  • Heart rate measuring
  • Step measuring (cadence)
  • Calories consumption measuring
  • User interface with LED light and sound
  • Two colors – Black/White


It is possible to buy from the manufacturer’s shop or Amazon. Click in to see the recent price for the hat and helmet.

I hope to see more exciting wearable tech fashion from this company in the coming years!

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