Withings Wireless Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor

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Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use.

You don’t need to go to the doctor every time you want to measure your blood pressure. With the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor can you sit in the comfort of your own sofa and do the monitoring yourself whenever you want.

Withings Wireless Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor

Instant monitoring

But why should you measure your own blood pressure? There are many things that can give you an indication on your health status but some symptoms is difficult to see with the bare eyes. The blood pressure is one of those things but it’s easy to monitor with the right tools like a smartphone blood pressure monitor and it is important to keep an eye on.

Even if you in general are healthy you should check your blood pressure once in a while, but it’s no need to exaggerate if you don’t have a condition you need to control.

High or Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure, called hypertension, can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure or stroke. It’s almost impossible to feel high blood pressure since it has no external symptoms.  That’s why it is so dangerous.

1 in 3 American adults have hypertension and many don’t know about it.  Obesity, large alcohol intake, smoking and family history are risk factors.  If you have hypertension your doctor will subscribe you with medication to lower it.

The symptoms of low blood pressure, called hypotension, are easier to fell. They are light-headedness, dizziness and eventually fainting. Low blood pressure is usually not unhealthy, but can be dangerous to organs over a long period of time.

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Blood Pressure Basics

Just a few quick more facts about blood pressure before we continue over to the smartphone blood pressure monitorBlood pressure is measured in millimetres of mercury (mm Hg).

If you are an adult and you rest, a normal blood pressure reading will be between 90/60 and 139/80 mm Hg. The two numbers describe the Systolic pressure over Diastolic pressure. Systolic is a Greek word meaning “contraction” and is the pressure when your heart is pumping. Diastolic refers to the pressure in the heart when it rests between heartbeats.

Here are low and high blood pressure chart for adults:

 (mm Hg) Systolic (first number) Diastolic (second number)
Hypotension (Low BP) Less than 90 Less than 60
Normal 90-119 60-79
Prehypertension 120-139 80-89
Stage 1 hypertension 140-159 90-99
Stage 2 hypertension 160-179 100-109
Hypertensive emergency Eq. or more than 180 Eq. or more than 110

Clever Wireless Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor

When you monitor your blood pressure it is usually done by a tight band or cuff on your upper arm. That is exactly how the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor made by the health gadget manufacturer Withings works. The build quality is solid and the box it comes in can be used for storage.

Withings Wireless Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Wireless Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor

First you need to install the free Withings Health Mate app on your smartphone or tablet. Both Android devices and iPhone is supported. In fact you can use this device with over 100 other apps as well. You pair the Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor and your phone or table with Bluetooth by pushing a button on the part that looks like a tube with the pre-installed AAA batteries.

Then you place the cuff around your upper arm, fasten it and start the measuring program on your app. The unit will inflate and you will see the readings in real time. You can choose to do a single high accuracy reading or do three readings and it will calculate the average.

Hopefully you will get a reading as a normal resting blood pressure for an adult on approximately 120/80 mm Hg. Keep in mind that readings can vary if you are stressed, tired or excited.

Your monitoring history is also possible to see on the Withings website and it is stored so you can always look at previous measurements. All the details can off course be shared with your doctor and in cases of high blood pressure it’s the doctor you should trust and talk to.

Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor App

Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitor App

Product video


  • Weight 0.45 kg
  • Use AAA batteries
  • Cuff oscillometric measuring method
  • Automatic inflation and release
  • Connects with Bluetooth (both ordinary and BLE)
  • Works with Android and iPhone
  • Free app called Health Mate available on App store and Google Play

What’s in the box?

  • Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Small USB adapter
  • 4x AAA batteries (installed)

My opinion

 Pros +  Cons –
  • Great build quality
  • Once size fits all users
  • Real-time readings
  • Monitoring history
  • Don’t trust it a 100%. Go to your doctor if you suspect hypertension
  • Repeat monitoring if you get inaccurate reading.

Where Can I Buy this Smartphone Blood Pressure Montior?

It is easy and convenient to buy this product on Amazon:

More Info or Questions

If you want more info before buying, check out the reviews from other Withings users here.

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